Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Milking the Cows

Deb milking the cow

With DH not being able to bend, lift or twist, since his back surgery I've been doing the milking. A year or two ago I don't know that I'd have been able to milk a cow, but since having them, have gotten used to them enough to be a little more comfortable being that close (not to mention low) to them.

Cows just aren't a small animal like a goat, that I can manhandle, if need be, so I have always been leery of them. Thankfully we have had them long enough for me to slowly get a little more used to them, before having to actually deal with them to much.

When I was first learning the ropes, before DH had his surgery, we'd go out to milk early cause of the heatwave we were in the middle of...I wanted to get the outside stuff done before I just couldn't stand to be out there, especially in the barn, because it gets hot in there. Course DH finally got a part he was needing for a big fan he found, and got it fixed, which helped the heat factor a LOT.

The cows would still be out in the hayfield, eating while it was cooler, so DH would have to go get them. Once my Dad got here to help, he had to learn to get them, which at first was a little difficult, cause they didn't know him, or what he wanted. Some mornings he had to walk all the way to the line fence, to bring them in he said...I was thankful I didn't have to do that myself.

I was really thankful that he was able to stay here, till DH was back on his feet, and getting around better. That way I didn't have to go get them, AND do the milking. Course once my Dad left, we decided we didn't HAVE to keep going out so early, cause it was cooler, so waited an hour...and the cows were closer in, since they knew they should be getting breakfast and didn't want to miss it.

This morning we were even later getting out there, and they were waiting for us at the barn! *giggle* Guess it's ok if we oversleep, cause that just makes our job easier...even if the cows are more impatient.

Deb milking the cow

I was sitting there watching the milk machine finish up on Daisy this morning and DH was off feeding the calves, when I looked over and saw Mabel standing in the barn waiting for her turn. She had opened the door and walked in, impatient for her grain...we usually make them wait outside, but they are good at getting their noses around the door and opening it, if they want to. She had come in the door we usually let them out...which means she could come all the way into the milk room if she wanted to, so I HAD to get her back out.

I finished unhooking the milking machine, and got up and chased them out (Honey had by then joined Mabel) before going back and hand milking Daisy out the rest of the way. Once I was done, I let Daisy out, and Honey was the next one that came in...once she was done and out, Mable came in, and she was in more of a hurry today than usual. She almost RAN to her breakfast, and usually she just moseys. Guess she was hungry today. Bet she hopes we don't oversleep again! LOL

I am looking forward to DH taking over the milking again, but all in all it's not as bad as I thought it might be. Not that I would look forward to doing it forever, but I'm hopeful that DH will be able to do most of it (maybe not the lifting of the milker bucket) in a few more months.

DH is able to milk Mabel now, cause she only has one working teat, and he can just sit down beside her and not bend over to much. I'm thankful for that, cause all the hand milking was making my hands, wrists, and arms act up after only a couple weeks of doing it every day. I wore my braces on my hands/wrists at night and now that I've stopped milking Mabel I've not had as much pain during the day, and not had to wear the braces. I'm so thankful God helped us get a milking machine, cause there is no way my hands would hold out to get Daisy milked out every day...I knew it would be a problem, which is why I pushed to get one once I knew I'd be milking. :) Milking Daisy out by hand, after the milker is done isn't to much for them yet...but much more than that makes my carpal tunnel flair up I guess.

Least my mornings aren't boring, now that I'm doing the miking...not that they were before. LOL The cows are interesting creatures, and I'm liking them more and more, as time goes by...although there are times I could do without, like when Honey had to leave me a present before exiting the barn this morning. Ugh, cow pies are NOT something I enjoy cleaning up.

Darn Cow! She was probably still mad at me for chasing her out of the barn this morning...or maybe it was for being late?! LOL


  1. Anonymous7:57 PM

    Glad it is going pretty good for you and the milking. And glad Galen is getting better each day.


  2. I don't know how in this world the two of you manage! But you're showing me the reason why we haven't put the cart before the horse! It's because of folks like you that share all the details. If it weren't for all the wisdom shared - I'd prolly be without one hair on my head and losing my mind about now. LOL

  3. I wouldn't get that close to a cow. I would be scared out of my mind! *lol*



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