Friday, August 19, 2011

Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Chicken Alfrado Pizza

I had some of the Alfredo Sauce my hubby makes (that is to die for!!!) in the freezer, so got a small jar of it out to thaw yesterday so I could make some pizza with it.

I used it for the pizza sauce, instead of my usual tomato based sauce and put chunks of chicken breast and caramelized onions on it along with two kinds of cheese (my homemade mozzarella and a little bit of store bought cheddar). It was SO GOOD!!! Course DH's Alfredo sauce is wonderful stuff so I kinda expected it would be yummy, but I almost like it better than my usual pizza, which I didn't expect. LOL

So next time you have leftover Alfredo try it on some pizza...I bet you will love it long as you like Alfredo sauce anyway. :)

I just thought I would share this idea with those of you who love making homemade pizza...and love Alfredo Sauce! I hope you all have a great weekend!! :-))


  1. I miss the Gourmet Garlic Chicken Pizza that we could get at Pizza Hut in California. These nation-wide chains are just weird. They do change up their menus according to food preferences in various regions. The base of their pizza is Ranch Dressing. They add sun-dried tomatoes, loads of fresh garlic, mushrooms and artichokes with the chicken and onions. And it's a downright major loss to anyone trying to lose weight! But it's so worth it. LOL

  2. Looks yummy anyway! :)


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