Wednesday, August 17, 2011

TRUE Family

Taking a break...
"My Dad, enjoying a pop, at a tractor show this last weekend."

My Dad went home today, he had been here for a little over two weeks, helping out with our farm, so we didn't have to worry about it with DH's surgery. He stayed to make sure DH was back on his feet again...even if he still can't do a lot, he is getting around better now at least...and he stayed to make sure I could handle things before he left.

He left with instructions to let him know if we needed him back, and a mild warning to DH to not try to do to much to soon, for fear he will mess up what the surgery tried to fix, and make it worse. He already had to talk DH out of doing a few things while he was knows it's going to be hard for him to wait to start doing more. LOL

I'm going to miss Dad but am feeling a little more confident that I can do what needs to be done now that DH is able to get up and around and help me at least remember to do some of the chores. I can't say I'm to confident that I'll be able to keep track of DH and make sure he doesn't do something stupid...after all I will be busy canning now and then, besides doing a lot of the other chores and things that need done around here, but with prayer, maybe DH will continue his healing and not do to much to soon.

It never ceases to amaze me how my family differs from DH's. Even though we don't always agree, or one of us may get mad at something someone does, I've always known my parents are there for us, with love and any support they can possibly give us, even if it's just a shoulder to cry on. Not so with DH's family, some of them don't even talk to us, let alone do what they can to help if it's ever needed. In the past, whenever we did get a little bit of help from DH's family, most of it came at a price...sometimes to steep of a price, and to me, that's NOT true family.

Praise God for giving me a family who cares, I'm not sure what I would have done without my Daddy here helping the last two weeks, and my Mom keeping track of their farm, as well as being there for me on the other end of the phone. They helped more than they know, just being there for us so we didn't have to worry about our farm and animals and listening when I needed to talk.

The added things Dad did while he was here was not expected, but was a gift in themselves. Getting the line fence cow proof, so we could have another pasture to put the cows in was a great step forward for us...DH had almost finished it, but hadn't been able to totally get it done, with his back slowing him down.

The little things to make my life easier while I have to do the chores, like working on gates and things in the barn are much appreciated too. I really like having things a little easier to operate as it helps keep my frustration level down...which is always a good thing, especially if I'm feeling rushed or overwhelmed with to many things to do that day.

I loved how Dad was always ready to help DH, and made sure he had something to be able to pull himself over in bed, since his back was to sore to be able to sit up without major effort. He was a handy Daddy to have around, since he's great at improvising when things are needed.

So a BIG THANK YOU to my Dad, for all his hard work and his caring for us and our farm the past two weeks. You and Mom are ALWAYS at the top of my list, when I think of what "TRUE" family is, and you just proved it to be TRUE once again.

We love you both so very, VERY MUCH!!!!! :-))


  1. Sounds like you have wonderful parents. That's just awesome! You're so blessed!

  2. Yes I do Julie, and it is totally Awesome!!! I've counted that as one of my top blessings for years now. :-))

  3. I made a decision to just step back from spending my "break time" going to FaceBook on my computer. I'm so glad I chose to go read blogs this morning, instead. Reading this post is almost like looking into a mirror - in reverse. Hubby's got the "true family" even though we're all spread out from one another, each living in other states. I'd been concerned and wondering how in the world you two were managing. I'm so glad you had help! I can only hope I have as much stamina as your parents when I reach that same point in my own life! Happy to hear the healing is improving!


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