Saturday, August 13, 2011

Forgotten Photo

Streaked Sunset

I looked at the photos I had on my camera this evening, and found some I took of a sunset this last week. I'd forgotten about them. Guess everything else has my mind off my love of taking photos right now. I couldn't resist grabbing my camera the evening I looked out and saw this pink streaked sky was really pretty! :)

We had a pretty good day here today. DH is moving around a little better, and having less pain I think...course he is still on pain meds, so that helps. We went and visited his "favorite teacher" in the hospital, where she is recovering from hip replacement surgery, and they compared notes. I had to laugh when she informed DH that she had 22 staples...when he had said he had 21. I think he kind wished he had more than she did. *giggle* Never understood the fascination some people have of comparing notes on medical conditions...but it can be kinda funny listening at times.

Peaches gave us all a laugh this afternoon. My Dad has been carrying dog treats around in his shirt pocket, so he has some to give our LGD when he's outside and sees her. He was sitting on the couch this afternoon, when Peaches discovered them in his pocket, and dug one out on her own. She then went back and got another but just sat playing with it, instead of eating it (the hard dog treats aren't her favorite kind...she eats them sometimes and others she doesn't), so he took it and held it in his hand, where she couldn't see or get to it. She kept looking around his hand, trying to find an opening, and pawed at it, and even kinda barked.

When she decided she wasn't going to be able to get it out of his hand, she gave up and jumped up on his chest, diving into his pocket once again with her nose, for another round. This time she took it and ate it, so he didn't decide to take it back before she buried it in the couch. LOL It was so funny to watch, and she got a chuckle from all three of us. Silly goofy mutt.

Dad put the treat she had just played around with, back in his pocket...but later on she stole it again and ate it this time. Course she went back looking for more, and wouldn't leave his pocket alone till I told her no. LOL It will be interesting to see if she keeps looking for them everyday, now that she has discovered them. She is just to adorable for her own good sometimes I think. LOL

It was nice to chuckle together over her antics. For that matter, it was just plain nice to have an enjoyable day with the two Men I love the most! :-))

If you want to read a better version of Peaches funny, go visit my DH's blog here! :)


  1. Good to hear the healing from surgery is progressing nicely, Deb! There's a thin line that one fights with, between understanding / wishing to adhere to the importance of allowing things to properly heal - vs - that inner voice screaming that your life's purpose desperately needs your attention. You know that sticking to allowing proper healing is no different than an investment in your future. Yet - you can't help worrying about the here and now. That's where " The Other Half " becomes a Savior! And your Hubby's very lucky to have YOU while he recovers!! I hope God blesses both of you with a speedy ride back to the " Norm " of things!

  2. Cute Peaches story! Glad she found her treats!!! :)

    Hope your DH is feeling even better now!


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