Monday, August 08, 2011

Busy Day

The Camera Flare came along with him.

My Dad was out playing with his camera yesterday evening, and got this photo of our calf as the sun was heading down. I loved it, so thought I'd share it here. :) If you click on it, it should take you to his flicker page, so you can see more of his photo's if you want. :)

I'm so tired right now!! After helping my Dad with the milking this morning (he did most of it, especially the hardest part of getting them in from the hayfield, thankfully) I went to the garden and picked some tomatoes, a few cucumbers, zucchini and a little over a 5 gallon bucket of beets.

DH saw me standing out there cutting the tops off so offered to help do that if I brought them to him as he sat on the side porch. So naturally I jumped at that offer, and helped him down the steps so he could sit on the side of the porch, then picked a bunch as he cut the leaves off the top.

I then scrubbed them, and cooked them...then he helped skin them and get them cut up, so I could get them into jars and get the pickling sauce over them and canned.

I'm finally sitting here waiting for the first canner full to get done, after having cleaned up the kitchen a bit, wishing it would hurry, cause I'd so LOVE to put my feet up for a little bit before supper, but with as long as this canner full took to get up to pressure, I doubt that will happen. I have two canner fulls to I'll be here a while I guess. Actually since the pressure has to come down between batches, it may be after supper before I get to start the 2nd batch, we will see how it goes. *sigh*

Least I got a bunch of pint's (27) out of what I did today. I have two rows of beets, and didn't make it through even one of them, so am thinking we won't be canning all of what we have out there. We just don't eat THAT many of them, so after we do another batch...another day...We'll probably offer them to a neighbor, and if they don't want them we have animals that will probably enjoy them. :)

Least now I know I don't need more than one or two rows of beets...if I let them get larger than I have in the past anyway (like most were this time). I wondered if we would have enough out of those two rows...silly me. LOL

Now to figure out what to do with the tomatoes we have sitting around here. There are two many to eat (least the way we have been eating them) before they go bad, but not enough to can with. I may just toss them in the dehydrator, cause DH loves them that way...but that will wait till tomorrow at least, cause I'm just to tired right now.

Anyway, busy, busy, busy here.

My Dad's keeping busy outside, working on stuff that DH didn't get done before his surgery, (time just seems to fly by anymore and we never get enough done) so maybe I'll be able to take care of things easier myself...and is also hoping to finish the line fence, so the cows have more pastures to roam in since DH ran out of time to get everything we really wanted to, done. I could have done it with what we managed to get done...but having the other things finished will be even better I think.

How lucky can we get, having my Dad willing to help out! That's what I've always thought "family" should be willing to do for each other, unfortunately, since getting married, I've discovered that's not the way it always is. :( I know it's not always possible for people to help...but when it is, even just a little bit, and they actually do I always feel so blessed.

The disappointments of the past month have worked out, and in some respects for the better (Ok, probably all respects...I just can't see everything like God can). God is in control, and knows what we need, better than we do. I just have trouble remembering to let him do the worrying, instead of helping out with that part too. *giggle*

Ok, I'm feeling a little better now that I've sat for a while writing this. I just shut the canner off, so I should sign off and get some other things done...gotta fold clothes so I can start the last load...unless I manage to wash the sheets tonight too, in that case I would have two more loads. DH is having trouble with night sweats the last few nights, so they really need it I just haven't had time to get them done yet today.

Hope everyone is having a good week so far! :)

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  1. It would be nice if family was always willing to help out when you need it, but that isn't always the case, is it. *sigh* ... Joe's family is better at helping than mine is, but then, they live closer. *lol*

    Hope your DH is getting better!


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