Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Still Busy Canning

Jars Cooling off

I've been busy canning for the last few weeks, Pickles, Beets, Tomato sauce, Dill Relish, Salsa & today I'm working on cooking down some more tomatoes so I can make a bunch of pizza sauce!! DH is putting together an okra & tomato soup he likes, and I'll can it up so he has some yummy soup for the winter.

If we keep getting tomato's from our friend, (I actually bought some for my pizza sauce, but a lot of this we have gotten free!!) I've got more sauces I want to make, as well as getting some green tomato's for yummy things such as green tomato mincemeat & green tomato salsa. DH hopes to get some Okra together for pickled okra, I was hoping to do that today, but now think it may have to wait till tomorrow as there are only so many canner fulls we can do in one day, and I think we may have more than enough as it is now. LOL

I think I've already done more canning than I did last year, cause I've used more jars.

DH has filled the dehydrator a few times with zucchini, tomato's & peppers...hopefully we can do more of that too.

All in all we have been busy around here! Love stocking up our pantry shelves though, so that's ok. I'm so glad DH has been able to help me...not sure I could have done as much as I have without his help.

The garden is slowing down on how much it gives us, not sure if it's because things are dying back, or if it's just a lull while others come on, but least we have gotten quite a bit more from it than I thought we would...especially cucumbers. I've got lime pickles coming out my ears I think. I got really carried away on those, but thankfully my brother likes them too so can pawn some off on him...along with some of the other stuff I canned. Course my parents will probably end up with a few things too, as well as a few friends. :-))

One of these days I'll be finished with my canning, and have more time for other playing with my camera and actually taking photos again...besides just snapping a few here and there, or maybe scrapping, at least working on my cookbook again, or doing some knitting or crocheting....or even cleaning the house which part of it desperately needs...or catching up on sleep...yep, a nap would be nice right about now. LOL Till then I'll snatch a moment here and there to do a few things, like blog or rest a bit, and enjoy filling those pantry shelves while I can. :)

Speaking of filling the pantry shelves, I better get off here and check my sauce! Hope everyone is having a great week! :-))

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  1. You have been a busy bee, haven't you?! Welcome to life, right?! *lol*

    Love the picture of the canned goods! :)


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