Thursday, September 08, 2011

A Little Break

Summer Sunflowers

This week hasn't been quite as busy around here, I did get a little canning done so far, but only a little bit of spaghetti sauce. I've been able to relax a little bit today, and so took my camera outside to look for some butterflies. Unfortunately the only one's I found were flying, and didn't land where I could find them with my camera. Bummer! So far this year has been a bust when it comes to getting photos of butterflies, which is something I love to do for some reason. Since the butterflies weren't cooperating, I decided to take a photo of some wild sunflowers instead.

Course there were things I could have been doing, instead of playing with my camera...but what fun is that! LOL I kinda felt like I needed a little down time this week, so I'm thankful there wasn't to many things I couldn't put off till a later time.

The temperature has really dropped, and there have been a few mornings this week that were almost nippy! I actually had to wear a jacket to milk. We've been able to have the windows open all week too, which I love. I'm loving the cool nights, and how it's not getting out of the 70's during the day. Perfect temps for me!! :-))

Course that means Fall is coming, and the garden is slowing down on how much it gives us. I've enjoyed actually being able to eat a few things that we grew, but guess it's to be expected that it will stop producing one of these days. LOL

Pumpkin turning Orange

I've actually brought in a couple pumpkins that ripened lots earlier than I thought they would. There are several more turning orange out in the garden, I noticed today. I need to get the two I brought in already, canned up but so far haven't managed that, thought about doing that tomorrow...but don't know if I will or not.

Patty-Pan Squash

I've discovered something I want to try to grow next year...Patty-pan squash. Our friend who gave us the tomato's also gave us some of these things, and told us he loves to fry it for breakfast. I didn't figure I'd like it, as I'm not a big fan of squash, but DH fried some up one morning (no breading), and I tried it and LOVED it!! Gotta go looking to see if I can find where to buy seeds, cause they are wonderful and really make a great addition to eggs in the morning. I'd never heard of them till this year. :)

Anyway, nothing major going on here this week, still keeping busy, just not AS busy. Gotta LOVE that! I'm hoping to can some green tomato salsa next week though, so between that and the pumpkins and whatever else I come up with, I'm not done with the canning yet! LOL

Hope everyone is having a good week. :)


  1. Pumpkins!! I think you " gardened " a lot more than you're fessin' up, Girlie! LOL Glad to see you're cannin' it all up! It may be rough on us next year. That drought just might make it this way. And we're all gonna be up a creek. I just hope something happens to turn all this around. Hang in there!

  2. Just helped my parents when I was growing up...and learned to hate green beans, cause we always had a ton of them, and learned to hate weeding then too. LOL Still do for that matter...on both of them. Oh yeah, not ready for a drought, hasn't been that long since the last one really. :(

  3. I've never heard of patty-pan squash either. Coming to your blog is always an education! *lol*


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