Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cream Cheese Mints

Cream Cheese Mints

Since I'm usually not into doing major stuff when we are gone part of the day, I took some time this afternoon, once we got home from a Dr appointment, to try making some cream cheese mints. I've only done them once before, and it's been awhile, so I wanted to make sure I still could, and also to try out some food coloring I bought, so when we go to my parents house next, I can show my niece, and find out if it's the right pink for her wedding colors.

They don't have all that much in them, just a box of cream cheese, and a bag of pd sugar, along with a half teaspoon of mint flavoring and some food coloring. They are however, rather a pain to make, but maybe I just don't have the patience, I don't know. You have to mix the dough up, then kneed more sugar into it, till it's not sticky...which means you get it all over your hands, least that's the way the recipe I have says to do it. Then you put little bits of dough into the mold, over and over, till you finally have it all used up.

It's going to take me FOREVER to do enough for a wedding I think, thankfully they can be frozen, so I can start early. LOL

My niece asked me if I would make her mints, guess she must have remembered I'd done some before...kinda surprised me, but I'm happy to help all I can, which won't be as much as I'd like to, since we live to far away.

She also asked me if I would be her photographer. Once I stopped laughing hysterically at her idea, I told her I wasn't THAT good, and was basically an outside photographer, my inside photos tend to suck, or at the least be very iffy...she didn't believe me, but I think I may have finally convinced her, cause my Mom says she is thinking about using the photographer her cousin used, so I'll not have to be the main one...which is good, if she wants to make sure she gets some good photos. LOL Who knows, maybe mine would turn out, but...not sure I'm ready to be the one and only at a wedding, to find out! LOL

I'm just hoping the photographer isn't one who doesn't like other people taking photos...I haven't had a chance to talk to the photographer yet and ask, but I am planning on doing so, because THAT wouldn't go over to well, with our family! LOL

I am planning on taking her engagement photos, the next time we go over there though. She wants them taken outside, so I might managed to do ok with them. LOL Least maybe I can do something for her, besides the mints! :-))

Speaking of the mints...I've discovered not all mint molds are created equal. I couldn't find the ones I had around here the last time I made some, I knew they had to be here, cause I thought I'd seen them not to long ago...but since I found some for not to much on e-bay, I ordered some more. I started out with them today...and then complained to DH, and he went searching for my old ones and found them for me, so I could use them, cause they are lots better...way more detail with them. So not sure if all the new molds are like that, but guess if I want something with detail in it, I'll use my old ones, and let the new ones gather dust. LOL

Anyway, better run, need to get supper started. Should be having our new cow delivered this for a little while we will have 4 "ladies" running in the hayfield...just hopefully not for to much longer, least not this year. I'll try to share some photos of the new one tomorrow, if possible. :-))


  1. They may be a pain to make, but they sure are pretty!!! Good job!

    And don't sell yourself short. I think you would do a great job with the wedding photos! :)

  2. Idk if she will let u take photos or not. She is awesome and will do a great job

    Kali mom


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