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In keeping with our flower names, our new cow's name is snowflake...course that was already her name, and it's not because of the flower that she was named that either I'm sure. LOL However she fits right in, since we have been trying to have flower names for our cows around here lately (well, except for the boys that is). LOL

There is a flower named snowflake, not that I've ever actually had that kind of flower around here, but from the photos I've seen of them they are pretty. So when I heard her name, and remembered that indeed there is a flower called that, I knew she was perfect for us!

Why her name is Snowflake

This spot on her back, is probably the reason she was called snowflake, least it's my guess. Kinda cool that she has some white spots on her, least in my opinion. Not sure if that means she really is ALL Jersey, as I didn't know Jersey's had spots, but Gurnseys do, and they are another breed of milk cow I wouldn't mind trying, so even if she does have a touch of that in her, I'm happy!

Snowflake & KC

Snowflake really likes KC it seems, I've seen them together several times. Actually I think Snowflake is getting along with our other "ladies" quite well too.

Snake Back

In fact, it was actually funny when Snowflake arrived, our friend brought her over and drove to the top of the hill and through the gate to the hayfield to let her out. The other cows came running, cause they heard her hollering, and Daisy almost walked right into the trailer with her, before she came out to meet everyone. Daisy was kicking up her heals in excitement with new blood around, not sure why she was SO excited, cause while snowflake IS young, she isn't a baby, so it's not like she is going to adopt her and feed her but Daisy sure was happy to have someone new here.

I think Snowflake will settle right in with the other girls, and be happy here. In fact, I think she just may fit in better than Honey ever did, cause Honey and the others get along, but she is not "tight" with them, as much.

Anyway, just thought I'd show off our new one...she is kinda cute, and I like that she is young, and has the white on her...makes for a more interesting look if you ask me, although I still think Mabel is our prettiest cow, and Daisy is still my favorite because of her personality...but we will see how this new ones does, maybe she will become a favorite too.

Now the wait begins to see if she will be giving us a calf in the spring...I'm sure praying that she does, along with praying Daisy's last date with the AI Tech took...I'd love to have two spring babies. :-))

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  1. That is a pretty cow, and I love the "snowflake" on her back!


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