Friday, September 23, 2011

A little of this and that.

Ahhh...KC giving Yani Kisses

I took some photos of KC (Honey's calf) the other day, when I went out to get some of Snowflake. KC likes to go up to Yani when she is out there, and I caught this one of him starting to lick (kiss) her. Course once his Mom sees him over with Yani, she has to come ruin the fun, because she HATES dogs. But it was cute watching them before she arrived. There are more photos of them on flicker, if you are interested. :)

Well just when I think most of the canning (except the pumpkin and turning some juice into jelly...when I get around to it) is pretty much over, DH brings home some more hot peppers. LOL Course I suppose that's my fault, I showed him a recipe I saw this morning for some candied Jalapenos, and he of course wanted some.

I sent some dried tomato's with him when he went to town, to give to our friend, who has given us so many tomato's, and told him if he has some more peppers he wants to get rid of I'd like to dry more of them, so he brought some more sweet peppers home so I could dry them, and the Jalapenos, so we could try that recipe I found this year, instead of waiting till next. LOL

They are in the canner as I type. And I have to admit, if I liked hot stuff, these would probably be on the list of things I'd like, but since I don't, DH will get them all....except for what he gives away anyway. LOL

Anyway, been busy with that today, although thankfully DH did the cutting of the peppers. If I breath around hot peppers, I tend to start coughing so am always glad if I don't have to do to much standing over them as they are cut up. I worked on other things while he was doing that...didn't get as much done as I'd wanted to today (big surprise...when do I EVER) but least some of it got done.

I think I picked about the last of our melons today, and maybe the last of the cucumbers...who knows about the zucchini. We are hoping the Okra gives us another batch or two, so I can try drying some of it. Have no idea why I didn't think to do that sooner, but I didn't. It's slowed way down, but there are some more growing slowly, so maybe they will get big enough to pick, before we get a frost...if we are lucky. I'll keep an eye on everything still just in case something grows...or I've missed it, but I'm not expecting to much besides pumpkins...which we seem to keep finding more of, every time we go looking. I think the last time DH counted, he found over 30 now. *giggle*

All in all, it's been a good week here. Hope you all have a great weekend! I'm hoping to find time to scrap at least the section page, for this months exchange on Bush & Dusty, but we will see how it goes. Next week appears to be pretty full, so it will have to be this weekend, if it happens. Scrapping just isn't happening here lately...not sure that will change this winter, as I have some crochet projects I'd like to do...but we will see what happens.

Enjoy the cool temps, if you are having them! It's certainly feeling like fall here, downright nippy in the mornings when we go out to milk. Can't complain to much about that, as long as the snow stays away awhile longer. :-))


  1. Oh, my gosh! THAT'S one for a nice frame. Too cute!!! I have not posted in a few days. We are cutting wood... and... painting!!!!

  2. I can't do really hot things either. I can handle a little curry, because I was raised on that stuff, but I'll leave the peppers behind, thank-you-very-much! *rofl*


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