Monday, September 26, 2011

Hummingbird Hunt

Hummingbird by the cannas

The other day my DH came home from seeing a friend in town, and told me he said he's been having a bunch of hummingbirds in his back yard because he has a bunch of cannas to attract them. DH knows I love hummingbirds, and would love to catch them with my camera, so he suggested we go see if we could see them this weekend.

Naturally, there wasn't as many around, as the friend had said there had been...not sure if they just didn't like us in the garden, or if it's getting towards the end of the season for them to be around, but I did manage to get a few photos...just nothing excellent like I'd have liked to do. Those darn birds just didn't listen to me when I tried to direct them to where I wanted them to go. *giggle*

Hummingbird by the cannas

I had to crop these photos quite a bit, to bring them up "closer" but least I got some hummingbird photos, even if they aren't as good as I'd have liked.

The friend did say he would give us some cannas once it frosts, so we can plant some next year, and maybe have our own hummingbird attraction. I do hope it works...and they grow for maybe, if all goes well, I can maybe get some pretty photos of them next year!

I may find that hunting hummingbirds, is as fun as going on a butterfly hunt...that is of course, if we get some pretty hummingbirds, with lots of color, and they pose for me, close enough to get a good close up of them! We will see how it goes. These this weekend, weren't real colorful, but it was still fun trying anyway.

I have the best hubby, he knows what I like, and is willing to help me try to get it. What a sweet, SWEET Man he is! :-))


  1. Don't forget our engagement pictures coming up!

  2. Your photos are gorgeous!

  3. Wonderful!! Absolutely wonderful! I wish I could get shots like that with my camera. It seems all our Hummers have left. Very sad. We are very concerned, especially with the drought that they'll all be tracking through.


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