Friday, September 30, 2011

Blessed Fall

A little fall color

We have a little fall color happening here, seems like it's early this year, but I probably say that every year. *giggle* There are a few trees though, that are showing their colors, and dropping their leaves. Course mostly the "colors" are yellow around this neck of the woods, but it can still be nice to see, even if it's not the many colors I remember seeing when I was growing up in Missouri.

I do enjoy Fall, with the cool crisp air, and that wonderful smell of damp decaying leaves.

My Dad has come back over to enjoy it with us for a few days. *giggle* Ok, maybe enjoy isn't the word I should use, since he is being worked to death, but he will get some rest over the weekend, so guess maybe he will survive. He is helping DH with some fence and cleanup, that he wanted to get done before winter. Fencing isn't something he can do yet, for the most part...he can help a little, but lifting is out, as is a lot of bending, so...Dad came to our rescue again, even though he had to drive several hours to do so!!!!!

We are so blessed. :-))

They already have the fence repaired behind the barn, that Mabel tore down, (bad cow!) and are getting ready to put in one around a bunch of junk, so the cows can get in and take care of the grass in and around it, and we can try to get it cleaned up a bit & maybe a little better organized....maybe.

This trip was timed good for me, cause DH was able to get next months feed, and have Dad heft it into the barn, instead of me having to do that. It gets a bit much, when I have to move several bags in one day. Any month I can con someone else into doing it for me, is a good month. LOL

Wonder if I could con someone into doing it next month....hmmmm going to have to think on that!

Anyway, with the trips to the doc, and extra baking going on around here (for a change...not something I've been able to do a lot of this summer for various reasons), and cheese making, and anything else I got up to, it's been a pretty busy week. I'm hoping to make some soap and can some pumpkin next week...but we will see how it goes. Daddy will still be here for at least part of it, and DH starts physical therapy then too.

Hope everyone had a great week. Have a wonderful weekend! :-))

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  1. It is 49* here, at this very moment. I woke up to seeing the effects showing, already... leaves turning yellow, here, as well. I am just so awful when it comes to winter weather. It's no wonder why I never became a fan of snow skiing. LOL Hope things begin slowing down a bit for y'all, very soon. Sounds like ya' need a break!


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