Monday, October 03, 2011

Fall Pumpkins

Some of our pumpkins

I managed to get some of our pumpkins out of the garden today. I loaded up the wagon we have, to carry the milker to the barn, and pulled it around to the front of the house so I could put the pumpkins on our front porch. I had to get a photo of the wagon load, before I emptied it.

Once I got my photo, I pulled the wagon up onto the porch so I could empty it without walking back and forth...getting it up the ramp wasn't as easy as I had hoped cause the wagon was kinda heavy, but I finally managed it. Actually just getting it up onto the ramp was the hardest part...the back tires didn't want to go up onto the concrete...thought I was stuck there for a little bit. It sure beat walking back and forth from the garden to the front porch, carrying one or two at a time though! LOL

There are now 16 less pumpkins in our garden...some of the rest are still green, or kinda I'll probably wait a little longer to get more, although there are a few more that are orange. Hopefully the rest will ripen, even though we have had a frost already, so most of the plants are dying back. I don't know to much about growing pumpkins, so have no idea just how they do...but guess I'll see if they ripen later or not.

Now to get a few (prob only two or three...and there are two inside already) canned for pie and bread! That's on the agenda for tomorrow...if all goes well. :-))


  1. They look wonderful! Our local news here is reporting that we should expect shortage of pumpkins due to the drought. (Just one more note for Gardening 2013 to go in that mental file cabinet!)

    Fixed the problem with the comments! Pyzam layouts require setting up the pop-up window for leaving comments. Gonna try leaving feedback at their site, considering many folks have browser settings that keep those things from coming up! Thanks for the heads-up!!

  2. Look at all those awesome pumpkins! Makes me want to take the kids to the pumpkin patch... Of course, 3 of the 4 have outgrown that! *lol*


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