Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Busy Bread Baker

Homemade Bread

In the last week, I've baked three batches of bread (three loaves each batch)...that's a LOT for me. They haven't all been perfect looking (ok I don't think any were) but they tasted ok, so that's the important thing. LOL

My Mom sent my Grandma's electric grain mill over with my Dad, since she doesn't use it (she had her own) and we haven't managed to get a motor for mine yet. If I'm busy, I just can't manage to grind grain, since it takes a lot longer to crank it out by hand, so we have to buy it more often, when it's canning season, or any other time I'm busy doing other things. Course having to crank it wears me out sometimes...if I'm already tired, especially if I have to crank the butter that day too, so it will sure come in handy!

This way, with the electric grinder, even if I'm busy, I have a better chance of being able to make bread, because it takes less than 5 minutes to grind the amount of wheat I use, in Grandma's grinder...and it takes between a half hour to an hour for me to crank it out of mine...sometimes longer if I do other things between cranks. LOL

We don't usually go through bread so fast, but I gave some to a friend, and then we have eaten more with my Dad here. I don't expect to have to do that much in a weeks time usually...but even if we aren't eating it very fast, it will still be so nice to have the electric option! Thanks Mom, for this wonderful addition to my kitchen! :-))

Course it took me till the third batch, to figure out I needed to cook it a little less in our new oven...the first two batches were ok, but they were dryer...and not as good (to DH and I). Course they were more like Dad liked...so he wasn't happy I figured out I needed to cook them less, but DH and I prefer it soft and moist, so...he is out voted! *giggle*

My poor Daddy, has to suffer with my cooking while he is over here. We eat a little differently then they do...and he doesn't like everything I make. (Pasta isn't his favorite thing, and I made chicken noodle soup for supper this weekend cause it's easy and we had company - well and that's what DH wanted me to make for his company. We don't eat a lot of pasta...but we like it when we do.) Dad ate a bowl of it, and didn't complain...but I could tell he wasn't fond of it. That menu was planned before we knew Dad was going to be here...so he was stuck with it. LOL

Anyway, just have to say...an electric grain grinder, is so nice! Love having the crank option too, just in case it's needed, but...the electric option is sure a time savor! I knew I'd like it...but didn't realize it would be THIS much nicer. :-))

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  1. I love homemade bread. I don't make it too often, because we eat far too much of it when I do! *rofl* ... Yours looks yummy!



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