Friday, October 07, 2011

I just LOVE the fall color!

Beautiful Fall Color

I can't get enough of the fall color this year, I'm so enjoying seeing it as I walk to and from the barn in the mornings. Especially the leaves on this tree in the pasture by the barn.

I think the colors are brighter this year, but maybe I'm just not remembering that they were last year too, who knows. I just know, that even if most of the colors are different shades of yellow, (instead of being mixed with red's and oranges like parts of Missouri are) they sure are beautiful this year!!

I just wish it hadn't been SO windy the last two days, cause that's not going to help the leaves stay on the trees very long. Guess I'll have to enjoy the beauty while it lasts. It's to bad it's suppose to rain this weekend, I'd love to go out and get some better photos of it, but maybe I can find the time to next week, if it's sunny and the leaves don't fall to fast. :)

Even if I don't get some cool photos, least I have the memory of the beautiful Autumn God is painting for us. :-))

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Gorgeous! I only wish it would stop at yellow - and the leaves would never fall off. And then - winter couldn't come. LOL Not sure why, but... the color is not coming to our area that much, yet. Normally, we should be reaching (what they call) " the peak color " up around Cades Cove by the middle of this month. And it hasn't even started there, yet. Looks like it'll be November before we get to drive up to the park this year.

  2. That is beautiful! ... We don't get a lot of the fall colors around here. We mainly have evergreen trees, and when the others do turn colors, between all the rain and wind, the leaves never last on the tree very long. *lol* (We always seem to get a wind storm and they all blow off overnight. One day all the trees will have leaves, the next they are bare. *lol*)


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