Monday, October 10, 2011

Soap & an update on DH

First soap in my new slab mold

I finally managed to make a little bit of soap last week in my new slab soap mold. I LOVE being able to swirl on the side of the soap, so it shows up if I can just learn to pour the soap, before it starts setting up, I'll have a better chance of getting a really good swirl. LOL One of these days I'll figure everything out....maybe.

Anyway, just had to share my latest attempt at swirling the colors in my soap! Hopefully I can play some more soon, and do an even better job...we will see how things go.

We got a few sprinkles over the weekend...just enough to get wet if you were outside, but nothing major, like we really could use around here. Most of the rain that was around, stayed west of us. It wasn't nice and sunny enough to spend much time outside with my camera though...darn weather anyway. It just doesn't want to cooperate with me and let me get some photos when I have the time to go out walking around. *sigh* Least it could have done, was actually give us a good rain, since it sprinkled from time to time so I didn't want to take my camera out. LOL

This morning DH had another physical therapy session to go to, and he actually managed to tie his shoes himself before he left. I've been having to do it for him since his back surgery, (he wears his rubber boots a lot around here, but when he goes somewhere he will put his shoes on, so then I'll have to help him.). So his physical therapy is helping him already!!

He's starting to be able to bend more, without pain, so...maybe soon...he will be able to take over the milking, just having me do the lifting of the milker when he brings it back to the house!!!!! *giggle* I'm sure looking forward to that. Not that I mind helping sometimes, but the everyday thing, especially if I have something I'm wanting to get started on inside, is rather annoying at times, although really it can sometimes be fun too. I do enjoy seeing the cows, so till the cold snowy weather gets here, I may have to go out a little more often than I was before his surgery.

I'm just so happy his back is getting better, even if he still can't do much lifting! :-))


  1. I think my back is starting to hurt again....better get used to milking...8^)

  2. I'm glad to hear that your DH is starting to feel better! That is good news!

    We've been getting lots of rain here. In fact, just a while ago it was POURING... But that's NW Oregon for you! *rofl*


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