Thursday, November 24, 2011

Counting my Blessings

My Anual Thanksgiving LO's.

It's Thanksgiving here in the U.S. and we already stuffed ourselves with our favorite Thanksgiving dinner. We have lots of leftovers to tide us over the rest of the long weekend too...I'm going to enjoy not spending so much time in the kitchen!! :-))

Hubby is out messing with his old tractors with a friend, so I came and finished working on a couple of digital scrapbooking layouts I started yesterday. Yes...I FINALLY managed to scrap a couple pages! I'm totally impressed, aren't you?!! *giggle*

Guess I had to do my Thanksgiving scrap...even if that's almost all I manage for the year. :)

I did a two page layout this year...the first page showing my hubby who is the #1 thing I'm thankful for this year. I'm thankful he is feeling better since his back surgery, and able to walk around without his stick a lot of the time. I'm also thankful he has less pain to deal with, even if he does have a ways to go before he is fully recovered.

My Anual Thanksgiving LO's.

The 2nd page I showed some of my blessings, since I always like to think about the things God has blessed me with on Thanksgiving...although I do that a lot, not JUST on Thanksgiving. :)

I really am blessed, with my hubby, my parents, our fur babies, our home & our cows...and there are many other blessings...but I ran out of room on my page for them this year. LOL

Kit Credit: Unicorn & Fairy Kit by Blushbutter

Today is really nice, or least it would be if it wasn't so windy. It's over 70 out there, but the wind makes it kinda not so fun to be outside. Gotta love these warm days, when we could be freezing cold! :) So instead of going for a walk to enjoy a warm Thanksgiving, I'm going to go churn my butter and read or whatever takes my fancy, for what is left of this Thanksgiving day.

I do hope everyone is having a wonderful day!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Edited to add this video...LOVE this song, cause I Thank God for my hubby everyday, and especially on Thanksgiving. :)

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  1. Oh! My favorite Thanksgiving song from my favorite TV Show! :) I've always loved that song, from the first time that show aired back in the early 90s. :)

    Love the layouts. I can't seem to find the desire to scrap lately. I think I need a scrap break... *sigh*


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