Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Turkey Stock

Turkey Stock

I've been making turkey stock the last several days, with the bones of our Thanksgiving turkey. I've done several batches for the one set of bones, in the crock pot, can't believe I was able to get so much out of one turkey!!

This is the first time I've done it, had I known how easy it was, I'd have done it way before now...sure beats buying the stuff!!! Cheaper, and way better for us. :-))

All I did was take the meat off the bones, dump them into the crock pot and fill it with water, add some carrots, onion & a couple bay leaves and put the lid on and cook for 24 hours or so. I'd pour the liquid off, add a few more of the carrots and onions and another bay leaf or two each time I did another batch (except the last time I just added more water and cooked). (could have used some celery, but I didn't this time)

I'd store the qts in the fridge, till I had enough to fill the canner, then I canned them so I didn't have to find room in the freezer for the jars. The last canner full is on the stove now! Now I just need to figure out what to do with it, besides using it for my chicken noodle soup. :)

Gotta do me some more beef stock too...I'm out, and it makes my roast and stews ever so much more tasty!! :-))

I'm just so happy to have gotten so many jars of stock out of our turkey...just hope they taste as yummy as they look, I almost wish we could have afforded another turkey (and had the room for it) so I could have made more later on. LOL

Other than the stock (and everyday things I have to do), I've been a little more lazy the last several days. It was so nice, although there were a few times I though the weekend seemed long. I guess I just got used to being a little to busy this summer and fall, and it will take me a little while to get used to having a little extra time for other things. Course I have a bunch of projects I am hoping to do this winter, so I doubt I'll be bored. LOL

Did anyone else make stock out of their turkey bones?


  1. I've still got a supply from the last turkey I cooked around Easter. We ended up with a free turkey from points saved up at one of the grocery stores. And then Hub's job sent a coupon for a free turkey. I wasn't about to walk away from that kind of a blessing! LOL Thing is... I froze ours. Never even donned on me to can it. I need to plug into your brains, girlie! Great Job!

  2. Well, if I had HAD freezer space, I may have done that too...but after deer season we were fresh out...least of THAT much room. LOL

  3. Glad you have some lazy time. Enjoy it!!!!



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