Friday, December 02, 2011

The Pigs flew...

We lost our minds.

...or maybe hell froze over, I don't know...but DH drug me kicking and screaming into the 21st century this week.

We did our monthly shopping earlier this week, and went to see what kinds of phones our carrier had, because it was about time for us to get new ones. We went in looking for "stupid" phones, and walked out with a couple "smart" ones. Not really sure WHY they call them smart phones, I sure don't feel any smarter having one. In fact I'd say I feel a bit "dumber" if anything. (For agreeing to pay the price we will have to pay, to have them. LOL) Granted we got the cheapest one (free) that they had, but that doesn't mean much, considering the monthly cost you have to pay.

I will admit, they are "Fun" and I had thought it would be nice to have one wasn't something I planned on getting anytime soon. I mean yes you can do almost everything with these little things. You can take photos (such as they are...although this is better than the other phones we've had that took photos), look at photos, surf the web, chat (by text, e-mail OR on the phone) with friends, play games, watch video's, make your OWN video's, navigate your way across the country, get the weather forecast, take notes, listen to music, read books, look up an address of a friend and even spend any money you happen to have left in the web stores if you like...just to name a few of the "fun" things you could do.

But really, I only NEED it to call why did I let my DH talk me into it? A moment of weakness I guess...I seem to have a lot of them, especially where he is concerned. LOL

He actually used to malign them a lot himself, I was so surprised to find out he wanted one. I think that's how he gets around me sometimes...he says no, no, no they are stupid & he wouldn't want one, then turns around when I least expect it and says yes he would like one, and while I'm out of it with shock, he gets me to say ok. *giggle*

So anyway, since I didn't figure we would ever get one, unless they just stopped having "stupid" phones altogether, I figure the pigs must have flew here over Hillbilly hill farm, for us to have them. LOL No we don't have pigs, however our cows are "pigs" so I wouldn't be surprised, if while we were gone that day, they flew around the pasture a few times. LOL

I've been learning how to use this newfangled thing the past several days, and getting it set up like I wanted it. I've even got some music on it, and am hoping to put a few more songs on there when I get the chance. They seem to run the battery down quite fast, but it's cool to have a way to listen to some of my favorite songs, if I'm out and want to...since I have it anyway. I like the pink cover I got...but can't help wishing they had had a purple one. Oh well, least it's pretty in pink! :-))

I'm hoping it will be like our first digital camera...DH is the one who talked me into that too, and now I wonder why he had to talk so hard...maybe the phones will turn out that way too, and in a few years I will wonder why I drug my feet. I guess only time will tell!

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  1. That's so awesome! I want a smart phone so bad! I am hoping to get one after tax returns. :) (I want an iPhone though...)

    Have fun with your new toy!


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