Thursday, December 08, 2011

Slow News Week once again.

Finally looking like winter here.

With winter upon us once again, I've slowed down somewhat...although can't really tell it because somehow I keep busy around the house, just not rush, rush, rush, maybe I'm in slow mode, I don't know. LOL

Anyway, I'm not doing anything major, that gives me anything interesting to write about, maybe that's what I should have said. LOL

We finally got enough snow to see a lot of white on the ground today...but I don't think it really amounted to all that much. I'm kinda happy about that, not really looking forward to lots of snow. I'm looking forward to spring already! *giggle*

We did go see the Beatrice Orchestra perform earlier this week, which was kinda fun. I'm a homebody, so it's sometimes like pulling teeth for DH to drag me out to something like that, but he finally did, cause his friend has been telling us for a couple years, when and where his brother and sister (who have a LOT of musical talent) would be playing, so we finally got to go see them play. For such a small town, the orchestra was really quite nice. I'm thinking about trying to go back to their next concert in March...we will see if we make it. :)

I've also started making some beef broth this week, got batch two stewing in the crock hoping to get a canner or two full to stock my pantry back up. I've missed what I canned last year, since I ran out.

Other than that, it's just been house work, and cheese making...and the long bouts of making butter (since the butter seems to take forever to churn in these winter months). Hopefully I don't have such slow news weeks all winter...but my mind isn't churning out ideas to write about lately, so I may.

Oh well, guess I better get off here and get to bed...gotta get up and finish some things tomorrow, that I didn't get around to doing today. May be our slow time, but there still seems to be plenty to keep me busy, if I can just get a move on and get it done. :)


  1. We woke up Friday morning with a small amount of snow. Maybe something like you had. I will be glad for spring too. LOL I do like some winter, but it tends to get old fast. Starting in December like this can make for a long-------winter.


  2. Glad you were able to get out and do something fun! I know what you mean by being a homebody. I would rather be home than anywhere else! *lol*

    We haven't had any snow yet. Lots of frost though!


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