Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Homemade Sour Cream & Cream Cheese

Cream cheese
Cream Cheese

I've been playing again, with the cream we are getting from our jersey cows. I'm still making butter, but now and then I steal some to play with. LOL

I'm taking the cooking classes at www.gnowfglins.com this winter, to learn some new things about traditional cooking, and am slowly making my way through her dairy class now, so have to play some too. LOL

I've been watching her blog for awhile now, and learned some that way...but wanted to do the classes too, once I had a few extra bucks.

Homemade sour cream
Sour Cream

After taste testing (well having DH taste test) he has decided the way I usually do sour cream is best for that (adding some clabbor to cream and letting it culture...although it doesn't get as thick as it was getting in the summer. Guess that's just another way the milk changes with winter.), but using a mesophilic culture that I have and adding it to cream to culture, makes a better tasting cream cheese (less sour than the clabbor). That's something I hadn't tried before...wanting to use as few cultures as possible since I'm cheap and don't want to have to purchase them more than necessary, but...I'm glad I finally tried that, so I can make a better cream cheese with it. :)

DH has been enjoying my "tests" on toast he made with my homemade bread now and then, which gives him some good probiotics. Need to think of something else to do with the cream cheese though, so I can use it up...there is a little to much for toast I think. LOL

Other than that, I'm putting a batch of beef stock through my pressure canner, as I type...and trying to get some more salve made, but am kinda being slow at that. Got the herbs infused, just need to get the rest of the salve made now.

Our internet was down this morning...wasn't as bad, since we could check e-mail on our phones, but I still missed it, cause it's just not as easy to do on the phone to me. They are nice, for times like that, or when we are out...but I still prefer my computer. LOL Thankfully it's back up now! :)

Ok, better run, just shut my canner off, so can get some other things done now. Hope everyone is having a great week so far!! :-))


  1. Yayyy! I was just wondering about both of these, a couple days ago! Wow! Sooo... that's how you do it?! Cool! Now I know where to come when I get ready! lol Looks yummy! Cakes... cake mixes with sour cream included... oh, man!!!

  2. I can't remember the last time I bought cream cheese. *lol* I had almost forgotten about that. Might need to buy some bagels... ;)


  3. Anonymous3:00 PM

    I am having domain issues. I am trying to resolve them, but with Christmas and everything, no one is being very quick about helping me. I will probably have to change the domain name (long story)... I will eventually, hopefully, be at http://johnsons-journey.com/ ... But until that is all situated, I am writing on my back-up blog: http://multipleblessings.wordpress.com/ ... I have 3 new posts there...


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