Thursday, November 03, 2011

New Large Cuttingboards

Cutting Boards
Before finish. Photo by DH.

We've been in the market for some new "large" cutting boards in our kitchen, because the last ones we had finally self destructed a year or two ago, while we were using them a LOT during deer season. I have one left, and I think it's on it's way to splitting, so doubt it would last much longer, especially if we abused it by cutting up several deer on it.

I looked around in the stores, and online, and didn't see anything I wanted, till I saw some on Etsy. The ones I saw on Etsy, had a rod through them, to help prevent them from splitting, and then I KNEW I had found the perfect board for us. However, by the time I got the money together to be able to order them, I couldn't get ahold of the guy who made them. (Story of my life, it seems.)

I went crying to DH, and he finally agreed he could probably make them himself (I knew he could...if he could tear himself away from his beloved old tractors long enough too).

In the mean time, I'm stewing about what to finish them with, cause mineral oil is the usual thing people use, but that's not really all that good for you, even if they do make a food grade mineral oil. I was about to settle for that when it popped into my head just the other day, that I've read how coconut oil has a long life span, cause it's antibacterial and antiviral.

Once I remembered that I went looking online, to see if perhaps it's an accepted way to condition/finish cutting boards...and I found more than one place that said it was!!

Luckily, my parents just gave me a bunch of coconut oil for my soap making, when last we saw them. (Lucky cause I was getting low on what I this way I have plenty for soap AND cutting boards!) So today DH brought the boards in from his wood shop, (they are SO PRETTY!!!) and this evening we melted some of that coconut oil and a little bit of beeswax together, and put the first coat on them! I can't wait till we get them finished and can use them...although they are almost to pretty to use. LOL

Cutting Boards
After first coat of finish. Photo by DH

DH said he kinda enjoyed making them, and promised he would make me some more, once he got a new table saw...or can find a used one or fix the one he has. I can't wait, cause I would love one about half this size, for every day use, and who knows how many other ones I'll decide I just HAVE to have. LOL

I LOVE how he used several different kinds of wood in them. I should have had him make both of them the same, cause I actually like the thicker one better, now, but will live with the thinner one, till he can make more. Either way, they are special...both because they have that rod in them to hold them together better, and most importantly because my wonderful hubby made them for me!

Now that I've learned how to care for cutting boards (with the research I've done trying to figure out how to finish them) maybe these will last for a LONG time...I just have to remember to add some "finish" to them every now and then. I need to do that to my wooden spoons and butter paddle (and any other wood kitchen tool I find) also.

Now to see how we can finagle a working table saw so he can get busy on more for me....hmmmm! ;-)


  1. They are beautiful!!!! I would love to have one like that, though I wouldn't need a large one, since I don't do any butchering or anything. :)

  2. This newlywed will need a cutting board......just sayin since I'm getting married and all!

  3. Hey, Deb! Dwayne agrees with me! His words... "Those are pretty. He did a really good job on those." For me, it's like having the mechanic for a hubby and your car is always broke down in the drive-way. lol I gave up and settled for some made out of bamboo... from Wally World. LOL Cherish them!!


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