Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Enjoying a beautiful Fall day

Peaches in the Autumn leaves

I took the dogs out for a short walk this afternoon, because it was so NICE out there! I've been busy inside, and actually having trouble doing everything I want to get done...mostly cause I haven't felt to much like it, so am slow when that happens. LOL

They enjoyed getting out for a romp, but when I stopped and sat on the side step, Peaches had a major cow cause Yani came up wanting attention. Peaches got on my lap and did her high pitched fast bark (yip), that she does when she is REALLY upset, and Yani just calmly ignored her. *giggle*

Peaches needs to learn to growl and snap and snarl, instead of yap them to death, if she wants to actually accomplish her goal of keeping other animals away from me. *snicker* I think she is a lover, not a fighter...must be her poor upbringing with Autumn the Monster. She doesn't really know HOW to fight, cause all Autumn did was try to kill her, not teach her to fight, although I did think there for a while she might have learned, but as it turns out so far...it doesn't appear that she did.

Autumn in the Autumn Leaves

Seeing Autumn standing in the fallen leaves, reminded me of when she was a puppy, and why we called her Autumn. When we first got her, it was fall (it was actually our 10th anniversary), and it was before we moved here to the farm. We had several trees in our back yard, and she LOVED to run and burrow into them, rolling over and over through them.

She would be running around the back yard playing normally, and all of a sudden dive for some leaves and roll as she dove, then hop up and start running again...till she came to another inviting pile of leaves. She was so funny, and we had to call her Autumn for her love of Autumn leaves. :-)

It was a beautiful day outside for our short walk. Just wish I didn't have things I was wanting to get done, so I had to come back in. It may be the last really NICE day for a while, so I had to get a taste of it anyway. Tomorrow "they" are saying it could rain and maybe even snow...although it's not really suppose to stick to much I don't think. Still, the temps will be down, and I'll be happy to stay inside where it's (hopefully) warm and dry. :-))

Hope everyone had a wonderful first day of November! It's hard to believe it's already this late in the year...deer season is coming up soon, and then Thanksgiving!!! It could be a busy month for us...as usual. LOL Maybe things will slow down a little after Thanksgiving....maybe. Have a great week!! :-))

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  1. Glad you had a nice walk!!! The ground is so wet here, even if it's not raining, you end up muddy. *lol*



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