Monday, October 31, 2011

Playing with Color

More soap...

I've been having a LOT of fun, swirling some color into my soaps lately. With the new mold I got on Etsy this year, I can swirl on the large part of the soap, instead of what ends up being one side of it...and it's so much fun!

So....I've aquired a few more "colors" to play with. This was suppose to be doesn't really look red to me, more pink, which is a color I was wanting to get if I could find it so pink is good too...just not for this scent. Now I need to find a red, or something that will work in place of it...I just placed an order for a different one, so we will see how it turns out when I get it and have time to play.

Love this shade of "pink" though! Can't wait to try the other colors I have! :)

I only got one of these molds, so can only do one batch a it has to harden so I can take it out of the mold, before I can play again...but slowly I am managing to get my soap stocked back up...course I can't use it for several weeks as it cures, but it's nice to see it out there on my dryin rack at least.

I walked out there to the porch this morning with my newest batch of soap, and smelled all the soap drying and thought to myself I LIKE that! Wish I were good at mixing scents to make new ones, cause that mixture I have out there now is kinda yummy. :-))

Once I get most of what I am planning on doing right now I'll have to get a photo of all the different colors of swirls...but that may be a while still...I've got several more batches to go! :)

That means more playing with my soap colors! Yippee!! :-))


  1. When's the last time YOU went through your photos of your soapmaking? Practice is becoming perfect! Wonderful!!!!

  2. Thanks Teresa, it's been a while since I looked....but I do like to think I'm improving. Especially since the first ones I made with tallow...these are ever so much BETTER!!! :-))

  3. So pretty! You're so talented! :) I love the pink too!!!! :)


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