Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The latest on our Cows

Snowflake & Sugar

I'm not milking now, thankfully...and my hands are thanking me for it by not being quite as achy the last week. I am however trying to take time to visit the barn, during milking, cause I miss being close to the cows...especially Daisy. She's my good girl, even if she can have an attitude at times. Or, maybe it's BECAUSE she can have an attitude at times, which makes her interesting....and cute. LOL

I don't go out every day, I just can't seem to find the time to do that, but do enjoy the visit when I go.

I went out this last weekend, and caught a photo (not a real good one, but the sun was in the wrong sport...and I had to hurry so I didn't miss it) of Snowflake nosing the cat in the barn. I thought it was cute how she eased up to her with her nose to sniff...course Sugar didn't like it to much, and left, but it was cute while it lasted.


Snowflake is coming into the barn to get a snack most days now, and finally DH got her all the way into the stanchion last night!! Hopefully he can do it again and again, so she is really used to coming in by the time she gives us a calf. She is still skittish, but thankfully we have several months to work with her before she may calve, and maybe, with God's help, we can get her used to being handled so milking isn't a big problem.

Poor KC

KC is not having a good time of it lately though. He got put over with Clover and Stew last week, when we came home from my parents house, and hasn't been happy to not have his mothers milk. He is getting better...but still occasionally walks the fence, hollering for his "Maaaaaa"! Least he isn't alone, and has the other two to keep him company. :-))

With having all of his Momma's milk now, we are getting more milk overall than we were there for a little while, just before he was weaned. We actually didn't milk her every day before that, as we kept forgetting to put him in at night, so it was just a once in a while thing. That didn't help keep her production up but we are still getting plenty for us, so guess that's all I can ask for. We still hope to sell her eventually...but for now, I'm enjoying having the extra cream for butter and am leaving when she leaves for a new home, in God's hands. He knows what is best, far better than we do. :-))

Well I better run, gotta make more soap today, and get a few other things done. Need to get some more milk frozen for soap too, keep forgetting to do that, and I won't be able to make much more before I do. Hope everyone is having a good week!! :-))

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  1. Ya, that cat doesn't look too happy! *lol* Our cats would FLIP if a cow came that close. *rofl* ... Love the photo though! :)


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