Friday, December 30, 2011

Cows enjoy the warm weather too.

We want goodies!!

The cows are liking not having to huddle up to stay warm the last several days! Daisy and Snowflake heard me outside the other day, so came to see if they could talk us into giving them some extra didn't work while I was out there, but it was nice to see them anyway.

Since their hay is now given to them behind the barn, I don't see them as much, cause they spend their time behind the barn with their food. LOL I really need to spend more time out there, on these warm days but can't seem to get away from the work that needs done inside. *sigh*


The two boys have been wrestling around too, with the warm temps. Course Stew had to come see us, when we went and stood by the fence, and KC took the time to stop and chew on a cats ear, before coming to say hi. LOL

Stew really missed Clover (even though she was right across the fence) when DH moved her to be back with her three Mom's...and snowflake. She is learning to be a big girl now, and gets to eat at the stanchion, instead of fighting the boys for her food. She has been beating Daisy to the stanchion for the most part too, which Daisy does NOT like, but guess that's what happens when you spoil your child when they are young...they take advantage of you and get in to the food first! *giggle* I keep thinking Daisy will learn to beat her, but so far she is lucky to get in first.

Least Clover seems to be weaned, I figured she should be since she hadn't been with her "Mom's" for several months, but stranger things have happened. She will be a year old this next's hard to believe that! She will be ready to bred before we know it, at this rate! Can't wait to see a baby from the first Jersey female born on our farm!!! :-))

Anyway, better run! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a safe and happy New Year!!!!

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  1. Glad you've been having some warmer weather. It's been pretty wet and windy here... Which is typical. *lol*


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