Thursday, December 29, 2011

Beautiful Winter Day

Beautiful Winter day!!

It's been so NICE here this week, especially since it's suppose to be winter! I can't complain about having warm days though. LOL I managed to go outside for a short walk yesterday, and of course took my camera and the dogs, so they could enjoy the weather too.

Peaches enjoying a beautiful winter day!

Peaches still runs around all over the place, especially when she first gets out. She has to get rid of some of that pent up energy I guess. LOL Back and forth she runs, spreading her joy at the promise of a walk to all who stand watching her.

4 legged chicken

Course then she gets laughed at when she avoids the cats and other animals...and/or stands back and barks at them. She is a big chicken. Guess she got tagged to many times by the cats when she was younger, between that and Autumn trying to kill her, she had a traumatic childhood with other animals, so is afraid of them and isn't afraid to let everyone around hear her fear. *giggle*

Autumn was feeling frisky

Autumn on the other hand loves to torment the cats. She tries to get them to run, and heaven help them if they actually strike her with their claws...she will attack and show them who is boss. That's not happened for a while, but its always funny when it does. She didn't managed to make the cats run yesterday, so she couldn't chase them like she wanted to...but she had fun trying. :)

Sitting pretty

I'm sure the cats were happy to see the dogs head for the house though...that way they could relax again, and not worry about them.

It was getting time to get something for supper, so I finally decided I had to go back inside. Least it's suppose to be nice for several more days...may even be 60 on the weekend, so hopefully I'll manage to get back out there to enjoy it again! I was to busy to today, with cheese, ghee and several other things keeping me busy inside.

Peaches was really happy to go in when it was time to yesterday, she took off for the front porch as soon as I turned towards the house. She loves going outside, but loves going back in too...probably only because she gets a treat, which they never let me forget about. LOL They trot to my office, with eager eyes and sit impatiently waiting for me to get there and give them their treat for behaving and coming back in without any trouble.

Ahhh the power of treats! :-))


  1. Were it not for the fact that you mention it's winter outside... one would thing it's a gorgeous summer morning! Wonderful photos, Deb! And that last one... THAT should be enlarged and framed for a wall. Gorgeous!!!!

  2. That picture of the two cats together is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!


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