Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Cows are happy!


We had ran out of Alfalfa, which our cows LOVE a few days ago, and were looking around trying to find someone who had some more for sale. DH finally found some yesterday, so went and had them load 30 some bales onto his trailer today, so the cows wouldn't start revolting from lack of their favorite kind of hay.

They don't get lots of it, just some mixed in with the regular hay, but they sure love it. LOL

The first bale we got off the trailer went back to the door DH goes through, to toss the hay out the window of the back part of the barn, into an old tractor tire he has set up as a hay feeder for the girls. He grabbed a slab of it, and walked towards the open window and Daisy smelled it, and stuck her nose in the air, eagerly anticipating the arrival of that much missed Alfalfa. She was grabbing it with her greedy lips, before it was hardly through the window, and I was wishing I had my camera handy, to get a photo...but hadn't brought it out, cause of having to unload the hay.

We stood there watching the girls munch down on it, and all of a sudden saw Mabel pick up the slab and toss it out of the feeder, between her and Daisy, so the others couldn't get it. Her and Daisy are buddies, so guess she didn't mind sharing it with her. LOL DH put a few more slabs out in the feeder, so all 5 of the girls got some, but it was funny to me that Mabel, the laid back one was trying to hog it all! LOL

We eventually got busy and got the Alfalfa stacked in the barn, in front of the other hay (since there wasn't room for it anywhere else, cause DH has commandeered a big portion of the barn for working on his tractors. LOL) Those bales were HEAVY too!!

DH still isn't suppose to lift to much, basically they said 25 pounds, and not to do anything that hurts...well he had to help me lift, but we used hay hooks, which really did help make it easier to handle the bales and between the two of us could get them lifted onto the stack, without it hurting his back.

Thankfully it wasn't a whole hayfield of bales that we had to stack up...not sure I'd have been up for that, not with as heavy as they were. We don't bale our hay as heavy...cause I may be big, and tall and all...but I am not muscular, so don't have the strength to buck heavy bales all the time. I also can't swing those hay hooks to get them into the bales, but they slid right into these without any trouble, just by pushing them in, so I was able to experience the wonder of using hay hooks for a change...they really do make it nicer to move the bales around! :)

Praise God for the Alfalfa and helping us get it stacked in the barn! :-))

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  1. Your cows have so much personailty. :) Glad they got a treat!



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