Friday, January 06, 2012

Runaway cows

Giggle of the day:

We were sitting having lunch this afternoon, and churning butter as we watched a show on tv, when I happen to catch movement out of the corner of my eye...out the window of the sewing room.

I glanced over and saw the cows running across the hayfield, kicking their heels up, like they were thrilled to be free.

Knowing that they hadn't been able to get out there for awhile, because a fence needed some repair on it, I immediately and urgently said "The cows are out!!" as I reached over to pause what we were watching.

DH got up and hurried out to the side porch to get his boots on and go outside, and I almost got up to go with him, but figured the cows really couldn't get out where they would do any damage, so continued sitting there churning butter.

DH went out the side door to look for them, then circled around and came in the front door, and said he didn't see them. I said no, they were running off to the south in the hayfield.

He rolled his eyes, and took his boots off and sat down seems he fixed the fence and let them out there today, and didn't tell me he had. *giggle*

I was just trying to help...well, without actually going and getting them in myself. LOL Guess he should tell me things like this, so I don't inadvertently send him out on a wild "cow" chase. LOL

I guess the cows were just enjoying being let back out into the hayfield and the nice weather, so they did a jog through the hay field, kicking their heels up with joy in the process...not celebrating their escape from unjust imprisonment in the other pasture. *giggle*

It was funny to me, not so much to DH. ;)


  1. Thank God, I was waiting for the next sip of coffee until after finishing this one. Tears are just rolling and my gut is killin' me! Hilarious!

    Ya' know he's gonna get you back for that... right?!

  2. LOL yeah no doubt, he told me last night he came back in expecting me to be getting my shoes on to come help, and there I was still sitting and churning butter. *giggle* Poor hubby. LOL

  3. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Maybe you better watch something more interesting or maybe Galen should have you lead the way. (:-))


  4. Yeah - thanks for the "help", Dear.....

  5. That IS kinda funny. *lol* Poor DH! ;)


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