Thursday, January 05, 2012

On the hunt for a new mattress.

Peaches on the new mattress
Peaches on our new mattress...even she sinks in a little.

We've been needing a new mattress for a while now, just kept putting it off, cause we didn't have the money we wanted to spend on one, and I thought we could keep on getting by for a while longer.

Silly me...sleep is something I don't do good without! LOL

Over the last few months it's been increasingly obvious, we should have started looking for one sooner, neither of us was getting good sleep on what we had.

So...since DH had to go to a nearby town last week, I decided to go along with him, so we could "look" at what they had. I'd heard that Sealy mattresses (actually sterns and foster made by sealy) didn't have as much out gassing, and they were sold at a store in that I thought it would be a good opportunity to see how expensive they were, and how comfy they were.

I was just looking at this point...really didn't want to spend the money yet, but that changed once we fell in love with a bed...we walked out of the store with it. LOL

I was wanting to go with something without so much out gassing, cause smells can bother me, and in my quest to get away from as many chemicals as possible, I thought it would be good to get a mattress with less in it too.

I didn't take into account my hubby though. *giggle* We went directly to the Sealy brand beds, and tried them out, bypassing the memory foam beds, that I knew would be nice...but the price and fact they most likely would have way more chemicals in them stopped me from wanting to look at them.

No so my hubby, he plopped down on one, and promptly fell in love. He said he could feel his back relaxing more than it does on the other kinds of mattresses, and acted like he wanted to stay there forever. So...I had to try it out too, and I fell in love myself. *sigh*

The price was a little more than the other beds, but they were on sale, so we decided to go for it...after all, hubby has the bad back and he needs a better bed, so I prayed the out gassing wouldn't kill us, and decided on the comfy memory foam mattress.

Memory foam mattress

Let me tell you, those foam mattresses Stink!! We've opened the bedroom window a few days, trying to air out the bedroom, and it is getting better, but even now, almost a week later it still stinks up the bedroom. Thankfully it's been a nice week so opening the window in the middle of winter hasn't been as bad as it could have been. LOL

We talked them into giving us a couple memory foam pillows we fell in love with too, since we got the bed, and they got stuck out on our side porch for a while...cause we used them one night, and I woke up with a headache that went away once I left the I knew it wasn't just one of those times I woke up with a headache cause they usually stick around most of the day. I sure am looking forward to getting those pillows back though, cause they are SO COMFY!!! I think I'll give them a month or two to air out though.

Thankfully with our old pillows between my nose and the smelly mattress, I've not woke up with a headache since...just can't wait till the smell is gone from the mattress cause it is a little annoying.

The bed however is WAY more comfortable than the one we tossed, it's soft (which I LOVE) yet supports our backs better. It is a thicker mattress, which makes the bed higher and harder to climb into (our old one was high enough as it Mom had to have a step stool to climb into it, when they slept in it cause the frame is extra high LOL) but I'm learning how to get into it...not that we may not go looking for a new bed frame one of these days, if we ever have some extra money for it...but prob. not to soon. I love a high bed though, cause it's so much easier to make when it's up on my level! :)

Needless to say, I'm finding it a little harder to get out of bed in the morning...and looking forward to bedtime more at night!

This morning, DH informed me he didn't think he liked the new bed after all.

It seems I'm sleeping better in this bed, which means I'm snoring more *snicker* which means he can't sleep.

All I have to say is..."WAAAAA!! You can try the couch...or sleep with the cows"!! ROFL

**Update - March 2012

Well...this first mattress had a problem I guess, it developed a ripple in the foam under us, that was annoying, and also developed a "hole" in the night a lot of times that was hard to climb out of in the morning. It was really comfy, except for the fact that I was always trying to sleep on the edge of the bed, so I didn't "fall" into that hole.

So...they gave us another bed, and delivered it for free. Then the trouble started...this bed was a lot different than the other one. Way more firm it seemed, yet not firm. It was comfy too, (although maybe not AS comfy)...till my back started hurting. I put up with it for a month, as a couple weeks in they said it could take a month for my back to adjust (although why the first bed didn't bother my back I'll never know...since it had a problem) then called them back and said it just wasn't working for my back. I felt bad about it, but after spending that kind of money, wanted something that didn't cause pain every time I moved at night (and sometimes during the day...although once I climbed out of the bed I got to feeling a little better).

So, the lady at the store said maybe we needed a coil bed, and said to come back and pick one out. So we did, and they let us have it for the same price, although it was a little more expensive (cause the other had been on sale when we got it). They delivered it later that week, and so far we've been much happier with the new one...guess we DO need the coil beds! LOL

I'm sure for some the foam works great...but from now on, I'll be sticking to the coils. I have to say I'm so impressed with Ashley furniture, because they have great service...I don't know to many company's who will bend over backwards like they did, to have a happy customer. I will be back to buy from them again, if and when I have the money too...already know what I want to, if we can just afford it. LOL (New daybed for our guest room...they had a nice one there!)


  1. Scrounger2:51 PM

    Or - I can stuff a sock between your jaws.....

  2. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Just put the mattress out in the barn to air out until spring, its airy enough out there to do it and that way Galen would have something to sleep on out there along with the cats.

  3. Ha Ha...not if you value your life!! ;)

  4. Now that he got me hooked on it, that new matress stays in the house where I can enjoy it...he can learn to turn me out like he used to, or suffer. LOL

  5. Oh, I want a new mattress so much!!!! Ours is almost 16 years old, and was a really cheap set when we bought it. My back aches so bad, every morning. *sigh* ... Someday. Someday.


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