Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Sprouted wheat for bread

sprouted wheat

I finally got around to sprouting some wheat this week. I've been hearing how much better for you, bread is, if you soak the flour or use flour from sprouted wheat...but haven't managed to actually DO either of them yet. I finally got around to sprouting some wheat this week, and it's in the dehydrator as I type, so it gets dry again, so it can be turned into flour. Hopefully it will work good in my wheat grinder, and make yummy bread!

The using flour from sprouted wheat actually sounded like it would be easier to me, than the soaking thing (ok, maybe not easier, but more what I'd be able to manage, cause the soaking would take a lot longer and I'd have to keep my wits about me to do it...and that just doesn't usually happen, the wits thing anyway) *giggle*...although one of these days I may try that too...and for sure want to try sourdough, which is also a more healthful way to make breads from what I hear. Hopefully I can manage more of the traditional bread baking, cause I'd like to eat healthier when possible. Just not sure if I'll manage to as much as I'd like to...depends on time I guess. :)

Anyway, the sprouting of the wheat didn't take as long as I thought it might strangely enough. The sprouts are actually probably a little longer than they needed to be, but last night I thought I was imagining seeing them, and then this morning they were it went quick! LOL Even if they are a little long, it should still work I'd think. :)

I do love trying new things...keeps life interesting. Not that I really need more things to do...but if it's better for us, and yummy....I'm all for trying to do it as often as possible! :)

I did manage to get a skirt cut out this afternoon, that I'd been wanting to do for several weeks now. One thing off my list...a million to go! LOL Once again, I remember why I HATE cutting things out! *sigh* Now I get to remember why I hate sewing, while I try to get it finished...although of the two, prefer sewing to cutting out. ;)

I also managed to finish a crochet project I've been trying to get done I'm on a roll today! Course there are several more crochet things I need to make before spring, but hey, least I finished the one I was needing done first. LOL

Ok, gotta run finish supper! Just thought I'd share the new thing I tried this week! Will try to remember to mention my impression of the bread when I get around to making it. :)


  1. I wanna see what it looks like after you grind it! Can you get a shot of the grinder, too? Sounds like a lot of fun!!!

  2. Ok, I'll try to remember to take a photo of the flour too (and grinder)...probably won't be this week, cause I'm making some more to make sure I have plenty for my bread, so I don't have to use any other flour in it to fill in. :)

  3. Interesting. If I had seen that jar, I would have thought that it had gone bad. *lol*


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