Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Seriously Spoiled

Seriously Spoiled

Peaches talked DH into picking her up when he was in his office at his computer yesterday...and then promtly rolled over and asked for a tummy rub. She adores her tummy rubs, and has been getting a LOT of them lately. LOL

It's funny how our fur babies can let us know what they want without saying a word. Peaches just rolls over, arches her back and wiggles a little bit, while looking at you with those big sad puppy dog eyes, and we fall in line and start rubbing her tummy. She has us wrapped around her paw, thats for sure. *giggle*

She is just to cute for her own good!!!! :-))


  1. What a Ham! She is such a ham! I can just imagine her and Carlie sitting around - flopping their ears from left to right - gossiping. LOL

  2. She's precious! My Milly does the same thing... but she is much bigger than Peaches.

  3. Our cat, Tootsie, loves belly rubs too. He will roll over onto his back and grab (no claws) and your hand with his paws, so you have to rub his belly. So funny! *lol*



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