Monday, January 30, 2012

Stupid Kitchen Designer

Lesson Learned
Welcome to my messy freezer!

Whoever designed my kitchen was NOT very good. She obviously didn't know what she was doing when she put the side of the refrigerator against the wall. Hmmm, who that "stupid" kitchen designer was, I'll never tell, *snicker* but I do wish she had been smarter and made sure the kitchen was big enough so the fridge could have been turned differently so it wasn't against the wall. Since I have a side by side, it makes it hard to open the freezer door far enough to be able to pull out the baskets...which means when they jump the track it's a pain in the rear to get them back on again...and they do like to do that a LOT. *sigh* Guess I'll know next time I "design" a kitchen...if there is a next time.

Since we have lived here, I've learned that if I want to get the baskets pulled out very far I have to pull out the fridge, and turn it a little so there is room to open the door further. I have also learned that larger items live in my bigger freezers, not the little side by side, because even if they would fit on the shelves, they won't fit through the small space between the open door and the middle bar of the fridge.

It's been a major pain, but...I do what I have to do. I live with dumpster cabinets, so I don't have to go into debt to have nice matching ones till we can afford them, so guess I can live with my poor pathetic badly designed, for my fridge, kitchen too...least as long as I have to, I can...although not without complaining about it from time to time. *snicker*

However...we may have found a fix for this problem now. An expensive one, but one that I think will work...and no it's not finally redoing our kitchen with nice cabinets...we can't afford that yet, as it would cost more than our expensive fix. LOL

I've been wanting a 2nd fridge for some time now, I was hoping it could be dedicated for aging cheese, but yet I also knew we could use one especially in the summer so we could have room for more milk and still have room for all that yummy summer fruit. We've had to be sparing with the fruit in the past couple years cause we didn't have room for it in our fridge.

Since our taxes are done for the year, and it turns out we have a little extra money to spend, we decided a refrigerator was one thing we were going to get. Our ice maker had just died on us, so we figured it was a good time to get one, and let our old one be our 2nd refrigerator, instead of finding a used one somewhere to have more fridge space, after all our old one has got to be getting close to 10 years old now if not a little more, and they don't last like they should anymore.

DH was in the market for a new table saw also, since his old one had died on him, and I had some things I need him to make for me...thankfully we had enough for both a saw and a refrigerator.

We went looking for saws this last week, and I looked at refrigerators while we were at it. I had been going to wait two or three months, but wanted to look at them so I knew what there was out there and how much money we were talking.

Refrigerators have changed a LOT since we got our last one. Least I don't remember them having the french door ones with the freezer on the bottom. We both fell in love with them, cause the freezer pulls out, which means it wouldn't be a problem any more, and the top is one big open space, so even though one of the doors would open against the wall, it would still be easy enough to get in and out of, cause if nothing else we could open the one beside it if we needed to. Who knew that getting another refrigerator would be a way to fix our problem...I just wanted it so we had more room at first...but once I saw the french door refrigerators I wanted one of THEM so we didn't have to fight the wall as much! :)

I keep walking away from the french doors, not knowing if I should spend the big bucks for one, and DH kept telling me I should...guess he is really tired of the freezer problem too. *giggle*

I told him I thought maybe we should wait a little bit, he asked "why?".

So...we finally settled on one last week, and ordered it. (They didn't have white in stock, and that's what I wanted so we have to wait for it...sounds like it could take almost a month to get here, don't know why so long, but it was on sale, and may have been out of stock, not sure.) We won't talk about the price though...I'm still in sticker shock...and it was on sale!!

Anyway, (when I can forget about the price) I'm so excited, and can't WAIT to get it! I did pay for delivery, cause DH is recovering from his back surgery, but isn't THAT recovered, that I want him wrestling a refrigerator off the truck and into the house, and there is no way I could do it myself.

Now we wait...and dream of summer fruit!

Can we say....watermelon? I've missed having it a lot in the summer, we had a few but not like we would have if we had had more room.

So much for a 2nd refrigerator being a dedicated cheese refrigerator. I may have to try aging it in cooler temps, and see if it will work that way...cause I guess I want more regular fridge space, more than lots of aged cheeses, least at this time.

Now we just have to figure out where to put our old one...think we are running out of room for large items, so it could be interesting figuring this all out. LOL any of you have a french door refrigerator already and if so how do you like it? I'm hoping we love it a lot, and don't regret paying the price!

Just remember, don't be like me...if you are designing your kitchen space, make SURE you don't put the fridge so the side is against a wall...unless it's a short stub wall that doesn't come out past the fridge.

Course I realize most of you probably figured that out long ago, I've always been a little on the slow side. *giggle*

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  1. I'd love to get a new fridge, but first I want a new stove. The ones we have were new with the house (which is 5 years old), BUT they put the cheapest possible appliances in this place. I want a dencent stove so bad!!! ... The fridge works fine, but is a little small for a family of 6. I would like a side-by-side one with a ice maker and water thing.... Dreaming, dreaming. *lol*

    Enjoy the new fridge, when it gets there! :)


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