Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Does this mean Spring is coming?


The cows are really shedding now, least most of them are. When you pet them, your hand comes away full of hair...OK, well DH's did the other day when we were out with them in the afternoon, they don't usually let me walk up to them that well when they aren't in the stand feeding their faces. LOL

Not sure if spring is around the corner...or they are just messed up with the mild winter. I'm hoping it means spring is around the corner...but won't hold my breath. LOL

We had our first "spring" thunderstorm last night...thunder, lightening, and there was even a tornado sighted in Nebraska! It sure seems a bit early for the spring storms to be starting...but as long as they don't get to "BAD" and scare the heck out of me, I guess I'll be OK with them coming early. :)

It has certainly been a strange winter here...we didn't get to much winter weather (yet?), but I can't say I missed it to much. What snow we had was plenty for me! :-))

Hopefully the fruit trees don't start budding out and then get hit with another winter storm...I'd like the chance to have some more fruit this year!

But...yep, I'm thinking spring may just be around the corner! After all, March is almost here, so the worst of winter should be about over...although you can never rule out a late snow storm or two around here.

How is it in your neck of the woods? I for one am really looking forward to spring! :-))


  1. We spent time in the basement last night. Tornado warnings covered here for about an hour. Hubs barely made it home from work - 5 minutes, literally - before the storm began ripping through here. But all is quiet this morning, so far!

  2. We had a enough rain that I thought we might need to build an ark yesterday and last night. Today the sun is shining and it does feel like spring!

  3. We had our first Spring Storm last night! Thunder and lighting, With heavy rains. But it did not last long. Today was 66 and sunny. Friday and Saturday are forecasted to be the same, And then on Sunday.....30 for a high! Old Man Winter needs to pack his bags and get OUT OF TOWN!

  4. It's still all wintery here. *sigh* :(


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