Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our Brave little girl.

Vicious Monster

Autumn has always been one to not take any guff off of anyone, be they big or small. This last weekend, when I went outside to see the cows I took our doxie's out for a romp too. Peaches avoids the big monsters in the barn yard, and wouldn't even go in there with us...but Autumn wouldn't let us go without her. She was standing at my feet while DH and I were chatting to each other when I noticed Clover started walking towards me, with her nose to the ground, trying to get close enough to sniff Autumn.

All of a sudden, Autumn lunges forward, snapping and snarling right at Clovers nose. Clover jumps back, and Autumn goes after her, chasing her off. It reminded me of the time she did the same thing to Mabel, when we were out for a walk in the hayfield a couple years ago, in the photo below...

Grouchy Doxie (1)

Autumn doesn't care if they are huge cows, and she is just a tiny little doxie, she still acts like a grisly bear, when she doesn't want something bothering her. LOL It's so funny to see!

Autumn meandered over into the pen next to where we were standing, sniffing at all the interesting smells there were and saw Stew walking towards her (on the OTHER side of the fence) so had to snarl at him too, to warn him he better not even think about getting to close to her.

She was on a roll. LOL

Then, she was walking back towards me, almost to the gate I was standing beside, when a white rooster comes up and wants to attack her...boy did he find out that was a mistake! The rooster got a big surprise, when she didn't turn and run away like the cats do...instead she lunged towards him, snarling all the way. He jumped in the air, with his feet out in front of him, then landed and ran. It was so funny, I couldn't help but laugh.

Usually the only time Autumn goes after the chickens, is when she first runs outside, and then it's just to see them run...I get after her if she continues, cause she doesn't need to be messing with them...but when one comes up to mess with her, I don't mind if she gives him what for...and lets HIM know he better not mess with her. Crazy rooster...thought he was big guy on campus...but guess he found out there were bigger ones....even if they were small. :-))

He should have picked on Peaches, she would have ran...poor girl is afraid of all the other animals, after her traumatic childhood growing up with Autumn. LOL

I always get a kick out of seeing how Autumn doesn't take any thing from the other animals though...she is my brave girl, willing to brave the biggest monsters in the barn yard, to stay with me.

I do love my "girls"...brave or not they are both pretty special. :-))


  1. OMG... Deb, even I would LOVE to have that one with mabel blown up and framed for my kitchen! that's just downright Hilarious!

    1. LOL yeah, it makes me laugh every time I see it! I about died when she did it, it was SO funny! She's lucky she hasn't had any turn on her. LOL

  2. Autumn is getting grey like my Oscar. How old is she?

    1. She will be 11 in August. :)

  3. The Mouse That though he was a LION!
    Too Funny!

  4. Such a brave little gal! *lol* Cute story!



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