Monday, February 27, 2012

Mr. No Name

Our little bull.

Our little bull calf still doesn't have a name...DH is usually the one who names things around here, and he can't come up with one...and I'm no help, so he gets left with no name. LOL It's a little easier (so far) naming the girls...cause if we are going to keep them we give them flower names...but we haven't got a system down for our "bulls" yet...maybe we should give them tractor names, since farm boys like tractors. *giggle*

Wanna be mama

He sure is fitting in well with the ladies already though! Course as a "son" for now, but I have no doubt that will change once he is older. :-))

It's no surprise that Daisy has adopted him, since she does all the babies on the farm...its just to bad she dried herself up so she can't totally adopt him.

Adopted Mom

Honey is his real "adopted" Mom, she hollers for him, if he is away from her to long for her comfort, and he goes running back to her side...or maybe it's her udder. LOL We certainly don't have to feed him ourselves anymore, he gets plenty from her on his own...with her blessing.

It's great having cows that will adopt any calf that needs blessed we are to have more than one like that. Hopefully we can train the up and coming mamas to do that too, if need be. Makes me think Honey won't be the first one we get rid of, when we need to thin out our herd...will have to see how things go. Sure glad we decided to take her off the market last fall, even though it does take more food to keep her from looking to skinny, with the Holstein in her. Mabel wouldn't have had enough milk to raise Mr No Name.

Mr No Name, sure is cute though...gotta LOVE farm babies! :-))

If anyone wants to shout out some name possibilities for the calf, feel free to...we really NEED to get him named! LOL


  1. He looks like a Dennis for some reason LOL! He sure is cute
    Dachshund Nola

    1. HaHa, that would be a cute name! Course ummm...hubby has a cousin named that, so....not sure but thanks for the idea!

  2. That tail. I keep looking at that tail. It's screaming for a tale!

  3. I love the idea of using tractor names. You could call him JD for John Deere. ;-) (I don't like Johne Deere's but it makes a cute name!) I have had bull calves without a name before. The last one I had, I just named him Mutt.

    1. LOL somehow I don't think JD would go over to well on this farm...since we don't like John Deere tractors, especially DH...but that is a good idea shorting it like that...hmmm maybe IH would work for him. :-))

  4. Cute little calf! Does he have a name yet?


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