Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wild Goose Chase

The following funny is one I wrote three years ago, right after it happened. I posted it on a private family blog, cause hubby didn't want me sharing our stupidity with the world, but he finally said I could, so here it is! *giggle*


I was working on a couple layouts on Sunday, using my newest kit when the phone rang. It was DH, he had gone over to see if he could get come bolts out of the corn crib he was going to tear down, and bring home (his newest scrounged item). On the way over he saw a lot of white way out in the field he drove by, at first he said he thought it was snow, but then he saw it wasn’t, and that it must be snow geese. He wondered if I wanted to come get photos, and we talked about it but then I decided not to, after all I was working….and didn’t feel like walking across a big field to get close enough for photos.

When he came home, he came in talking about them again, and asked if I wanted to go (again) and I thought he said they were closer to the road than they were…now he says he said they were closer to the road, than where he was when he was talking to me on the phone.

Anyway, I finally decided I better go, since he kept asking me, after all it would be really neat if I could get some good photos of them. If we could manage to sneak up close enough and not have them take off in flight, not that either of us can sneak, since we aren’t exactly the type to crawl on our belly’s just to get a photo, but we could do our best, and maybe end up with some cool photos. Maybe. I REALLY should have ignored him and stayed home…REALLY!! You will understand at the end of this tale, why I say that. Ohhhh will you ever understand.

We set out, I had both of my lens for my camera, although I figured I’d only be using the big one, I tucked the small one in my purse just in case, (yes I have a big purse, I love it, cause I can even put my camera in there if I need to). I slung the purse strap around my neck and under one arm, so it wouldn’t keep falling off my shoulder, and hung my camera around my neck, and we were off. We got to the field and sure enough, I could see a bunch way out in the field…WAY out. I got out and took a photo with the zoom all the way out, but it didn’t bring them in to well. I REALLY want a longer zoom lens! LOL

Since we weren’t close enough, I told DH to back up to the corner of the field, cause I saw the gate was open, so we didn’t have to struggle to climb the fence, as it didn’t look like it would be real easy for a fat woman, and a disabled man with a stick. We got up to the gate, and parked the truck…I have a thing about driving on other peoples land, without permission, but felt it would be ok to walk…stupid I know, but what can I say.

We both got out and started walking…and walking….and walking, and I’d look back at the truck, and see we had gone quite a ways, but looking forward, see we had quite a ways yet to go. Who knew those big ol corn fields were THAT big, if you were out walking in them on foot. They don’t look that big from the road. I felt a little bad cause DH has a bad back and knees and he is out there with me…he wouldn’t let me go by myself, not that I would have. LOL But he was interested too, after all we are talking about trying to get close to something we usually only see flying over, way up in the sky.

I of course had a dream, of taking a photo of something besides goats, although I do love our goats, it’s always nice to introduce something new into the photo book. So we kept walking, knowing that the trip back could be rough, since it always seems longer on the return trip. There were a couple of car’s that drove by real slow on the road, that DH waved at, and I’m thinking they must think we are stupid to be walking that far, just to see some geese…little did I know what was coming next, and just how stupid we were.

We got to a water way, and decided it still wasn’t close enough, even though that had been our original goal. We had figured maybe if we got to there it would be close enough to get some good photos, but we were wrong, although we were close enough to hear them now (or was that the ones flying over?).

So we crossed over the waterway, and quietly (almost tiptoeing), so as not to disturb the geese, and have them take off we walked closer, stopped for photos, and then since they weren’t all worried yet, walked closer, stopped for more photos, and moved on. After doing that several times we were really quite a lot closer than I thought we would ever get, and they were still just sitting there…minding their own business. I was amazed, truly amazed. Then as I put the camera to my eye once again, to get another photo, it hit me…

THEY WEREN’T REAL!!! I looked closer, through the zoom lens, and sure enough, they were decoys! Here we are, almost tiptoeing trying to get as close as possible, after that LONG trek across the field with the only thought in my mind being that this will be worth it to get some photos…and they aren’t real!!

Yes we both grew up in the country, and should know the real thing from fake, but it took getting real close before we figured it out. DH asked me how it felt to be dumber than a duck…since they were flying overhead, and not getting tricked into stopping, but we went out of our way to take photos of a goose head on a stick, with plastic floating out from behind it.

It wasn’t our finest hour, and we still had that long trek across the field to the truck to get through, and no satisfaction of having gotten some good photos, to help move us along. I tucked my camera in my big purse, to get rid of the evidence, in case someone else drove by, least they might not know just HOW stupid we were, and we headed back across the field.

I almost didn’t make it back to the truck, between laughing so much I couldn’t walk, and having twisted my hip wrong or something because I could hardly lift my foot over the clods of dirt, when I could see to walk without tears streaming down my face, I told myself never again…I hope anyway! It didn’t help that when I stopped laughing DH would come up with something else to get me going again, like “Well that was a wild goose chase” or “Boy aren’t we a couple of bird brains?” or “This afternoon was for the birds” so then I’d be off again, laughing and finding it that much harder to walk across the field, with the old corn stalks and dirt clods tripping me up from time to time and the soft dirt, making it harder to walk in the first place.

We finally made it back to the truck, and I crawled in, with a little help from DH and sat there laughing my head off. I laughed so hard I was crying, and could hardly breathe. I couldn’t stop, and was still laughing when we got home; even though we had gone over to pick up a shovel DH had left at the place he is getting the corn crib from first. I almost couldn’t make it into the house, because I was laughing so much. I felt so stupid, but it was so funny. I finally got calmed down and saw it was getting late, and I hadn’t called my Mom yet (since I call her every Sunday) so I took a deep breath and decided it was time to stop the wild laughter and try to move on.

It was still there in my voice though, and when Mom answered she said something about the time, and the fact that she hadn’t seen me online on messenger, so she had wondered what we were up to, since I usually called before then…well not all that, but that’s the idea I got out of what she said, which I can’t remember exactly right now…so I said we were on a wild goose chase, and she repeated what I said with a question in her voice, and I was off again, laughing hysterically. DH had to come take the phone and tell her all about it, cause I couldn’t talk…and was laughing so hard he couldn’t hear part of the time.

I don’t usually laugh THAT loud for THAT long, but every time I thought about it I couldn’t stop myself. They chatted for 15 or 20 min. at least, before I was able to take back the phone and talk to Mom. We avoided the subject of geese, till the end, so I would be able to talk to her. She got a kick out of it, and I told her to be sure and tell Dad how stupid we were so he could get a chuckle. She said, “Well at least you got your exercise for today…and your lungs got some too.” (talking about my laughing LOUDLY for a LONG time). I managed to not totally loose it, but agreed and got a chuckle out of that too.

Needless to say we are BOTH feeling EXTREMELY STUPID now. We figure it’s probably going to be all over town about these two idiots out walking across the field with camera in hand, to take photos of….duck heads on a stick, but oh well. It’s something that will give us something to laugh about for years and years, and at least it wasn’t just ME doing something stupid this time…it was BOTH of us!!

We have since found out that those decoys have been put out there for the past 5 or 6 years, we just haven’t seen them, because we don’t usually drive down that road. I guess the people they belong to have gotten quite a few geese by having them there, but I bet this is the first time they caught two complete idiots by putting so many out in the field. Oh well, live and learn, it has given me several giggling episodes since, so I guess that’s ok. LOL I was REALLY sore from walking in all that loose dirt yesterday, but today I’m feeling better, so it did no lasting damage…expect for to maybe show everyone just how stupid we can be. And that’s nothing new with me, so that’s ok. We have a lot of fun that way, so I don’t mind. LOL

I hope some of you who read this get a chuckle out of it, or heck, do like I did and laugh hysterically, it really is funny, and yes we do have our stupid moments around here…but that’s one thing that makes life so fun at our house!! I’ll probably get red every time the subject comes up for a while, but I’m sure I’ll be laughing about it too, so it will be worth it. Gotta love laughter especially when it’s shared with those you love, so laugh away!!


We still laugh about this now and may not have been our finest hour, but it sure gave us a lot to laugh about, so can't complain about that. I wanted to blog about it when it happened, but in deference to DH I didn't. Hope some of you enjoyed the story. :-))


  1. Ha! What a great story! I can see myself doing the exact same thing! I think it's an honest mistake and I bet you were not the only ones who were fooled!

  2. That is funny! *lol* Thanks for the giggle!


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