Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Puppy Dog Eyes and Lily update

Puppy Dog Eyes

Peaches has taken to wanting up on my (or DH's if he is sitting there) lap if we are sitting on the bar stool in the kitchen. She will climb up on the step stool we have in front of it, put her paws on our leg and look at us with those sad puppy dog eyes, willing us to pick her up.

I find them hard to resist. LOL

She doesn't always get picked up...depending on what I'm doing, but if I'm just sitting there waiting on something, she has a good chance at getting what she wants.

Yes, she IS spoiled...but it looks good on her. :-))

Newest Calf

As for Lily...the vet called this morning and said she died in the night. She looked like she was getting better, then didn't. Guess God had other plans for us and her. It's so sad, although not totally unexpected...just hoped my non worried state meant she would be alright. LOL God knows best though, so guess we will just hope to have healthy calves from our girls this year and leave it at that.

Since the vet says the E. Coli can only be gotten in the first three days of their life, and we didn't get her till after that, we KNOW it came from the dairy. In that case, I would at least like the money back that we paid for her, but it seems since DH talked to the guy and told him what was going on, that he isn't taking ours or our friends calls now (or returning them) it doesn't look like getting our purchase price back is going to happen.

Don't you just LOVE unscrupulous people? The funny part is, he said we were the ONLY ones who had the problem (like I believe THAT) so if THAT was the case, returning our money shouldn't be a problem, since they are selling a LOT of calves every day.

Oh well, God will deal with him...I sure can't. On the bright side...we will have more milk now! Not that I wasn't willing to give it up to have her, but gotta look on the bright side, and right now that's all I can come up with. :)


  1. Anonymous1:54 PM

    you know you need to tell your vet that they (calves were from the same dairy) so that he can get on to checking the rest of them out since most dairys sell milk to big companies and small stores and E. Coli is passed on to humans.....

  2. The vet knows...and said that this E. Coli isn't the one passed on through the milk, so thats not a worry after all. Thought it was at first, but guess not. Just feel sorry for all the other unsuspecting people who get a calf from them, if they keep getting sick. :(

  3. I am so sorry, Deb. I was so hoping she'd pull through for y'all. But you do need to contact the ag extension agent for the area where that dairy is located, and let them know. They have to be made aware of what's going on. The fact that the e. Coli doesn't stream through the milk has nothing to do with the problem at hand. There are other animals that can be contracted if this guy isn't dealt with.

  4. Sorry to hear about the little calf. E Coli is actually quite common at dairies (the kind that kills calves) and I doubt any of the "authorities" are really going to be concerned as long as it doesn't pose a risk to the commercial milk and it sounds like this strain doesn't affect the milk. It's actually very hard to find a good dairy from which to buy calves. Finding one that gives colostrum to get them started, finding one that is clean where the calves are not sick is important and even with a top notch source, the stress of moving a calf and getting them started in a new place is often enough to put them under stress and cause them to scour. Not taking up for the dairy at all, but just saying it's actually more common than not, unfortunately.

    Peaches is adorable! Those eyes are just precious!

  5. That's so sad. :( I'm sorry!


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