Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's Here!!!

New Fridge!

My new fridge finally came in yesterday and they delivered it this afternoon!!! I'm so thankful I paid for delivery, cause they had to take the doors off, to get it through our door, and it would have been a pain for us to put it back together again. They had a little trouble getting the freezer door back on the track...and they have done it before! LOL

They even moved our old fridge to our back porch, where we had a spot all ready for it. I didn't expect them to do that, so didn't have it unloaded yet, but they said they would, so I hurried and took everything out of it, and piled it in and around the sink. They had to take the handles off of it, but them moving it for us, sure made our life easier! DH is doing better since his back surgery, but it's still best he doesn't overdo if possible. :-))

I love my new fridge so far...will see how I like it after using it a little while. It has a lot more room than my old side by side. Even down in the freezer there is lots more space. Course it's not filled up yet, cause of not having as much milk...with our calf taking a lot of it, and will have even less once Lily comes home, but later in the year, when we have more milk coming in...and garden produce...we will be so happy to have it, along with our 2nd one I'm sure.

Speaking of Lily, she is still at the vet. They said she is getting stronger, but still isn't sucking, so they wanted to keep her till she did that (although if she doesn't do that by tomorrow, we will have to talk about our other options, cause we can't afford to have her there forever). They are feeding her through a tube last we talked to them, earlier this afternoon. Least she IS getting stronger...that's good news. Hopefully she will be home tomorrow, AND eating on her own by then! :-))

I'm so glad she seems to be getting better! Thanks so much for your extra prayers, God had his reasons for giving us a surprise heifer, we may never know what they were, but she is a little extra special, because of how she came to be here, so I guess we will survive the vet bill, and enjoy having her if God decides to let her grow up and produce babies and milk for us here on our farm.

God knows what is best...but even so, usually I worry about these things, however this time for some reason I've not been. Maybe it was a "feeling" that things would be ok (which I don't usually have...even if they usually are. I'm a big time worrier. LOL) or maybe it's just because it seems, even more than usual that God is with her so live or die, she is where she is suppose to be, and for once I'm not worrying about it. Course I realize he is with us all and our animals...but it's hard to always SEE it, until you get something like this, unexpectedly.

So anyway, hopefully she will be home tomorrow! Sorry to ramble on so. LOL Better get off here, and get finished up, so I can get to bed, cause I'm tired (if you couldn't tell). LOL


  1. Love your knew fridge! It looks great in your kitchen and I know you will enjoy it!

  2. The new fridge looks awesome! I love it!

    Hope your calf is doing better.

    (Man, I am so far behind! *sigh*)



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