Monday, February 20, 2012

Barnyard Romp & Bad News

Running around the barn yard

When I went out to see Lily the other day, our young bull was enjoying the sunshine. While his "mom's" fed their faces, he went romping around the barn yard, kicking up his heels and being cute. LOL

Running around the barn yard

He also stopped to take on the old feed trough. It's just so cute watching the new babies as they enjoy themselves and run around exploring their world. Course new calves still aren't near as cute to me as baby goats, but...they are still adorable. :-))

Lily (our newest calf) still doesn't seem to be feeling well. DH has been dreading going out to the barn to check on her and do chores, cause he's been afraid of finding she left us. Then today we got a call from the vet, saying they found out what happened to the other calf our friend had. The tests came back, saying he had E-Coli in him. So, they (and we) are figuring that's what's wrong with Lily well as the friends new calf. DH is taking her in to be treated for it now, but they said they didn't know if she would survive.

Guess it's not going to be such a good deal after all, having gotten her for a steal...cause even if she survives, the vet bill won't be real cheap. I still am praying she survives, cause she is such a cutie, and I'd love to add her to our milking herd. The vet said they had to be sick with it, when we brought them home, cause it wouldn't happen overnight like that. Makes me glad I'm not drinking the milk from THAT dairy...cause if it's in one place on the dairy, it could spread to others too...including into the milk. Hopefully they get it contained, before it gets out to the public.

Anyway, prayers for our little Lily would be appreciated. She needs all the help she can get, at this point.

Edited to add: DH just called and told me what the vet said, and I guess it won't go into the milk of the mama cows at the dairy, it's not that kind of E. Coli, so least thats not something the dairy has to worry about. Now hopefully they can just figure out why they are having a problem, and solve it. Don't guess we really want to get more from them, even if we were in the market for them though, cause I don't care to have the chance of this trouble again.

The vet did tell him that Lily still has some strength left in her, so she does have a chance of hopefully this works and she gets to grow up and be one of our milk cows! Hopefully in another week or two, she is up running around the barnyard! :-))

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  1. Crossing fingers, Toes and begging toward the ceiling, Hon. Oh, gosh... I hope she comes through this.


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