Thursday, February 09, 2012

Full of vigor


The Old Ladies out in the barn, finally got what they have been wanting today...more up close and personal time with our new calf. Mabel didn't really care, she just stood back and watched, but Honey and Daisy went to greet him. Daisy even Posed pretty for my camera, as a way to say "Thanks for the new baby to mother." LOL

Venturing outside

Since winter finally caught up with us here on Hillbilly Hill Farm, we haven't let the calf out freely, cause of it being cold, wet and snowy. Today however, DH shoved him out the door for a little bit, and he discovered what fun the great outdoors can be like...once he got over the fear of that nasty cold white stuff all over the ground that is. LOL

Screeching to a halt

He was running back and forth having a good old time up by the barn, where the snow was melted, and then Daisy went up to see him, and he came to a screeching halt inches from her face. We had to chuckle at his romp being cut short, and how he slid to a stop.

Baby Love

They touched noses and Daisy smiled (don't you see it...she has an adorable smile! LOL). The calf then preceded to continue romping around, just in less space, till he got brave enough to go around her. It was funny seeing him cut and run beside her one he had to get around her before she got him. LOL

Finding the tap!

He even got to have an afternoon snack off of Honey! Once he found the snack bar, he didn't think the snow was all that bad after all. *giggle*

Dashing through the snow

Once he had a small snack, he continued his romp, only this time he did it through the snow, in and around the ladies and us. It was so fun to watch. I finally had to come inside, as I had other things to do, but DH told me later that he wanted to go back in before to long anyway. Guess after some play time, and a warm snack, it was probably nap time...till suppertime gets here anyway! LOL

He sure is cute, especially when he is out romping and having fun. Can't wait till spring gets here, so we can watch him enjoy the warmer temps and growing grass to play in. Over the next week, hopefully we can slowly get him used to being out more, so he can stay out with the Ladies, and get a snack whenever he wants. I'd think now that he is over a week old, he should be able to start being out some, even if it's not sunny and warm and dry.

On another note, we discovered Honey was in heat, when we went out she has a date tonight with the AI tech...boy I can't wait till this new calf is old enough to start earning his dinner! *giggle*

Ok, gotta run, just wanted to share some more new calf photos! :-))

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  1. He sounds totally adorable!!!!!


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