Wednesday, February 08, 2012

My First Sourdough Baking Day

Today I finally got around to planning on making something with my sourdough starter I've been feeding for the last several weeks! Last night I fed it well...lots more than usual, and then got up this morning and planned on making skillet pancakes for breakfast.

While DH went out to milk, I mixed up the pancakes, preheated my skillet, and dumped the batter in. ALL of the batter! Easy Peasy...the way I prefer things! LOL When bubbles started raising to the surface, I put the skillet (cast iron of course) into the oven to finish cooking (since my broiler is under the oven and I don't think the pan would fit down there).

I had never had anything sourdough before, and have to admit, I didn't know if I would like it...especially the pancakes. I'm not a big pancake eater...I love them but can't handle to much syrup in the morning and I prefer them with syrup on them. However, as I mixed them up, and cooked them I thought they were smelling like pancakes usually did, and was pleased that at least maybe they would be good like usual pancakes are.

I pulled them out of the oven, just as DH walked into the house, and took them out of the pan. The middle of them, on the bottom was almost burnt, (quite dark, but didn't taste burnt) cause that was where the burner next time I'll just put them straight into the oven to cook, bypassing the top of the stove part. We cut the "big" pancake into pie shaped wedges, and dug in. Before I had time to grab my camera for a photo, they were scarfed down. They were good! LOL Maybe I will have better luck getting a photo next time! *giggle*

Sourdough English Muffins

Because I had more sourdough left, I also mixed up some Sourdough English Muffins this morning. They had to sour for at least 8 hours, so I didn't cook them till this afternoon, but that was ok with me. I think they probably should go a little longer, just to make sure they sour long hopefully next time I can try to mix them up at night, and let them sit overnight, to give them at least 12 hours to sour, but I decided not to do that this first time.

This is the first time I've ever made English muffins, let alone it being my first day of doing sourdough, so it was an all new experience for me. I will have to learn to make them thinner...and smaller around...and better looking, but for the most part they turned out good, especially since it was my first time making them! Hubby loved them anyway, as did I.

I mentioned that I would have to make the pancakes again, since they were good, and hubby somehow got it into his head, that I'd have to wait another three or four weeks before I could do it again...and sounded kinda sad about that. *giggle* Guess he has been impatiently waiting since I started my starter for me to get around to making something with it, so thought that's how long it would be before I could again...little did he know I saved some starter back, so I could make more tomorrow if I wanted to...well I would of course have to feed the starter extra like I did last night. LOL I'm not going to tomorrow...but I could. We will have English muffins for breakfast instead!

Course...DH had an English muffin for desert tonight after supper to. Gotta love my hubby, he does enjoy my baked goods. :-))

Another successful cooking trial day is over...I've wanted to try sourdough for a long time now, just didn't get real serious about it till lately...sure glad it worked out for me so far, it makes me want to continue! If I can do can you! To find out more you can take the sourdough online class here, or if you want to try it on your own, find out how to start your starter here. The recipe for the pancakes is here, and the English muffins are here. Have fun! :-))

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  1. I like pancakes, but I am with you on the syrup! I can't handle sweets in the morning. It makes my stomach upset. *lol* ... Good thing we usually have them for dinner. ;)


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