Thursday, February 16, 2012

Got my kitchen back!!

Finshed Wallboard

Yippee!! DH finished getting the wallboard up last night, for the most part. There is a couple things to finish up, but it won't be near as messy (I hope) and he should be able to work around me a little better.

So today, I cleaned up the kitchen (so hate having it as bad as it was for several days) LOL and snapped a photo of the cleaner wall. That tile looking stuff is what he put up. No it's NOT actually tile, (I wish) but maybe one of these days we can have the real thing...till then, this should be easier to clean than the painted wall we had. If I ever can save for new cabinets, maybe I'll save to have the real thing installed along with them. Will depend on what happens in the future I guess.

I thought about having him put this wall board all the way up to the cupboards above, but would have had to buy more of it...and being a cheap skate, knew this would more than cover the worst areas, so figured it would do. Least the wall looks better than it did, since I couldn't get the splatters and what not cleaned off the painted wall. Guess this just goes to show I'm a slob! *giggle*

Now to continue working on getting my office better organized...we will see if I ever manage that, least I did manage to find a little more room for soap supplies...not as much as would be nice yet, but maybe enough for now. Still have a bunch to do though, so will see if I can continue working in here some, in the next few days. :)

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  1. I think it looks really nice! Your DH did a great job!!!!


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