Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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Bridal Swap

I've been having a little fun the last couple weeks, putting together some "favors" and a little gift package of some of the products I've made for a bridal swap I found on one of the soap forums I visit now and then. For the swap, we send in something we have made (enough for everyone who joins the swap), and the recipe, and then we all get back a package with everyone else's swap gift in it, and everyone's recipe's. I thought it would be a good way to get some ideas for more things I could make, as well as package ideas for things.

I haven't had time to really get in and study out how to make liquid soap yet, but some things don't take as much to learn to hopefully I will come up with some more ideas, once I get the return swap items! Can't wait to see what everyone else sends. Since I'm really fairly new at making things I don't think mine will be near as "cool" but...maybe they will help someone with their own ideas.

Swaps aren't something I plan on doing a lot of, but it's fun to once in a blue moon...when I have the time to.

I do plan on getting some more soap made soon too, in fact I got the colored part of a couple done last week, just have to get them grated up and the rest of them made, so I can start getting my drying rack filled back up. LOL Want to have a bunch made before we get to busy with spring I have plenty for the I won't have as much time then to make some.

Speaking of spring...we have been seeing large flocks of geese flying north now...seems a bit early for that, but that makes me think spring is on it's way at least, even if we do have snow on the ground here! Even though we have had a mild winter for most of the winter (till February got here anyway) I sure am looking forward to spring. LOL Guess I just can't wait for things to start greening up, I LOVE seeing the world turn green, it's one of my favorite times of year! :-))

Ok, better run, trying to do something with the horrible mess here in my office, while I can't get into my kitchen. Hubby is still working on putting the tile board (not sure what it is actually called) on the walls, so I can clean them better. I really HATE trying to work around him, so have tried to avoid the kitchen, unless he needs help. Plus can't stand working in a mess...and it is one big mess now, with everything having to be moved around on the cupboards.

Hopefully he can finish it I can have my kitchen back! :-))

Now if I could just figure out what to do with all the soap stuff in my I could totally clean off the counter, and make it look like I did something. *sigh* I just don't have enough storage space...and I thought I had a bunch, till the soaping bug hit! LOL I'm not a neat freak, but sure would be nice if it could be neater in here than it is!

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  1. That exchange thing sounds fun! Love the little goodies in the picture. :)

    Hope you get your kitchen back soon!


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