Thursday, March 08, 2012

He who loves to talk.

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When I first met my wonderful handsome hubby, I found out right away that he loved to talk to people. There were in fact times I thought he and my Dad would NEVER shut up, so I could get a word in edge wise. Course I tended to be far less talkative, even quite at times, so it wasn't a major difficulty, but it was annoying sometimes.

Over the years I've discovered if we go somewhere, and he gets to talking to someone...I have to finally put a stop to it, if we HAVE to get somewhere...or we would always be late. He could strike up a conversation with a perfect stranger, and talk for hours...if I let him I think. *giggle*

His ability to talk comes in handy a lot to though...cause I find it hard to talk to people, and usually prefer to sit back and listen (hard to believe with as much as I yak on here huh?!!! *giggle*). With him around, its easy for me to just listen...which could have something to do with preferring to not go anywhere without him...well that and the fact that if he is along I don't usually have to drive, but that's a tale for another day. LOL

Anyway, he is really good at talking to perfect strangers, as well as people he knows. He is also really good at talking to people who know him, and who he SHOULD know, so that they don't realize he doesn't remember who they are. He is always coming home telling me someone stopped and talked to him while he was out, and he couldn't figure out who they were...even though they obviously knew him. It always gives me a chuckle to hear his story, and I'm always in awe that he can pull off a whole long conversation with them not realizing he is in the dark as to their identity. Sometimes he does eventually figure it out...but other times he leaves them, still wondering who they were.

Hubby came home today from a day out with a friend, and told me it happened to him again...only...with a twist. I got a good chuckle from his tale, so thought I'd share it with can read about it on his blog here, if you haven't already. :-))

Yet another way my wonderful hubby is perfect for me...he can talk enough for both of us! LOL


  1. Nathan does the exact same thing! While I'm thankful he is such a nice guy, he would talk and talk and talk till next year if I let him when we have people to see and places to go lol.

  2. Joe can talk to people a lot easier than I can too, which is nice. I'm like you and would rather listen. :)


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