Friday, March 09, 2012

Surprise visit.

Getting milking experience.

We were going about our day today, getting some things done, we needed to do, when I got a call from my niece, asking how her invites were coming (they are coming along quite well so all the cutting out done, and just working on the gluing now!). :) I was sitting talking to her, when another call came in. Since we had been talking for a little while,she hung up, and I took the other call.

Surprise, Surprise it was our niece who was back for a quick visit from the east coast (New York Area). We haven't seen her for several years, and have never met her hubby, cause they got married back east, and we couldn't afford to go. They were out walking, visiting her old haunts from when she was growing up and asked if they could stop in and see us. Of course I said yes...duh, we LOVE to see our nieces and nephews if they happen to have time to stop in. LOL

We had a nice little visit with them, and just as they were about to leave, DH asked if they would want to come out and "milk" the cows...since our niece's hubby is a "city" boy and doesn't know much about farm living. They jumped at the chance for a new experience, complete with photos so they could show all their friends back home, so we all grabbed our cameras and trouped out to the barn.

Robbie took first try, and actually got a few squirts out of Honey. She is actually the hardest one we have to milk I think...and by evening she doesn't have much left, cause her adopted calf is eating it all.

Getting milking experience.

Our niece (Bonnie) tried next, and she got a little out too. I think they enjoyed trying and getting photos to take back to share with their family and friends back home. I didn't get to many, as I was enjoying watching them to much. LOL

DH did see how much he could strip out of her, after they were done, and there just wasn't much in that calf is getting most of her milk during the day now...and the fact that they didn't get more than a few streams of milk out, wasn't their fault. :)

It was wonderful to see our niece, and finally get to meet her hubby. DH sure had fun "teaching" them to milk...he loves to "teach" our niece's and nephews as many farm related things as they are willing to learn.

I love having family stop in, even if it is unexpected...cause we don't get that to often and I always love to see them. Our days "plans" can usually change...when we are at home anyway, which is most of the time, so surprise visits, or planned ones are welcome. :-))


  1. How wonderful! I am so glad you got to visit!

  2. What an awesome surprise!!! Glad you got to see them! ... And FYI, I would NEVER milk a cow! *rofl*


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