Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wedding Invitations

Kali's invites

I've been working hot and heavy on my niece's wedding invitations for the past week. I actually worked on them before last week, but most of that was designing them, and figuring out what papers to use. Last week, I had everything compiled, so I could get them printed, cut out and glued together.

I kept them simple...I do know my limitations, both money wise & otherwise...but I like how they turned out. Not sure how "close" they are to what Kali would have liked to have, if she were buying them herself...but hopefully they are close enough that she won't be to disappointed in them. She said she wanted elegant...and I like to think I managed at least that for her. :)

Invite at a different angle.

I got some specialty papers (and envelope's) from Papers & More online. (They were pretty fast at getting my orders out to me, whenever I ordered from them, so I was very pleased with them.) I didn't want to just use plain Jane stuff...unless that's what she wanted, so googled for paper places, and found them. I was able to get several samples of things, to check them out, before buying the bigger bunches...which I liked...so got some samples, printed the design I had come up with on several papers, and shipped them off to my niece for her decision.

I was glad she liked the metallic pearl papers I had found...gotta love a little bling for a wedding...and am pretty happy with how they turned out. My cutting sometimes left a little to be desired, even though I have a nice paper cutter...but hopefully they will work.

Close up of the corner

Here is a cropped closeup so you can maybe see how the papers kinda shimmer. I got pink envelopes at Kali's request to mail them in...and I think the pink really sets everything off. (Although the pink envelope doesn't show up as bright as it actually is, in that first photo for some reason.)

I got everything finished up this last weekend, and it's on it's way to her now. It was fun to do them for her, and I'm so glad we were able to help out somewhere...since I didn't feel up to being the official photographer, and am not close enough to really help out with any of the planning or anything.

Now...I have to start thinking about mints, as I'll have to start making them in a month or two...thankfully they freeze well, so I can make them ahead, and have them ready and waiting for the big day! The only problem I can see that there could be...well two actually...is not eating them all before we get them into the freezer *giggle* and not boring myself to death as I make them, cause mints are SO BORING to make in my opinion! Oh well...it's for my beautiful niece, so guess I'll manage. *grin*


  1. Wow! That wedding invitation is cute. I like it! It's simple but unique. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Kristina! :)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! What program are you using?

    1. Thanks!! I use photo shop, but I used to use paint shop pro, and I think I could have done it in there, if I could remember how to use it...especially since I kept it simple. LOL

  3. They are wonderful!!!!! I love them!


  4. You are so talented!


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