Friday, March 16, 2012

Such a Beautiful Week!

The Daffy's are back!!

It's such a beautiful week here this week! It's been warm...actually HOT at times...and signs of spring are popping out all over!

My daffy's are blooming...the lilacs are starting to get their leaves...the willow tree is about ready to leaf out too....the red bud tree is starting to get it's buds...and the grass is starting to green up, it still has a long way to go before it's totally green, but it's at least patchy now!

I'm loving this early spring, and praying we don't get any major nasty surprises that hurt or slow the tender spring growth. We could use an early spring for a change! :-))

I've noticed the cream is seeming a little different now too. I haven't made butter since it changed (still takes several days to get enough for butter cause the calf is pigging out to much LOL) but I did make more sour cream/cream cheese and it drained better than it has been.

Loving having the sour cream/cream cheese around...and loving that spring is here so the butter and cream gets easier to work with. Now if we can just start getting MORE cream, so I can start making butter more often...and still have enough to have plenty of the cream cheese around!

I'm missing having baby goats bouncing around though...wish I could go visit my parents and see theirs...

Springtime on the farm is the most WONDERFUL time of year!


  1. Now, how weird is that! I've got the grass already. And you've got the Daffodils! I've only got the leaves and the tight buds that are acting like they're too shy. LOL

  2. Our daffodils aren't blooming yet (probably because it's still snowing here), but I can't wait! I LOVE spring flowers!

  3. We mowed grass already! Crazy!


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