Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More Spring rambles

Spring Time Cream!

Busy week for us here, on Hillbilly Hill farm. We are trying to get things cleaned up now that the weather is warmer. DH is working outside, getting things hauled off to the burn pile...or junk yard, depending on if it's scrap metal or wood...and piled up if it's something he wants to keep. He's not been able to do as much the past few years, so now that he's feeling better he's making up for lost time I think...I just hope he doesn't over do.

I've been busy inside, cooking and cleaning and sorting too. So...nothing major has happened, that made me want to blog. I did however want to share a photo of some cream cheese I made. I know I mentioned how I'm loving the change in the cream, now that spring is here, but I just can't get over how much nicer to work with it is! I've been at this butter/cheese/cream thing for a couple years now, but it still amazes me, the changes it goes through, with the seasons.

In the winter it's all like the center is, in this photo...not as stiff, and hard to scrap off the cloth. Now it has some softer in the center, which is perfect for use as sour cream (yummmm, ranch dip!) and the outer...dryer...part I use for cream cheese.

The grass has really greened up the last few days, because it's been raining a little off and on. The leaves on the trees are coming on in a hurry too. Sometimes it feels like spring creaps in, ever so slowly, but this year it's bursting upon us all at once. I couldn't believe it the other day when I looked out and saw the tops of the cottonwoods were turning green...the beautiful time of year is almost here! I'm looking forward to having the view of the road from my kitchen window hidden by the leaves. :)

I LOVE Nebraska in the springtime...ok, I bet most any state in the spring is pretty...but watching those tall stately cottonwood trees turn green from the top down is a joy to me. I do love my cottonwood trees!


  1. We need to get some warm (and dry) weather here too, so I can send Joe to get our driveway cleaned up. It's so messy right now, it's killing me! *sigh*


  2. Ohhhhhhhh.... I can only dream about the cheesecake I could make with that... and I have to pick my chin up off the floor. Now I get it. I gained all this weight because Hubs is going through practice... preparing for when we start milking cows. LOL

  3. This is the time to get outside! This is the year and the time. It's gonna be short, sweet and gorgeous! Grab it while you can! And... throw me some of that cream cheese!!! Oh, my gawd... I can't wait until we start milking cows!!!


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