Thursday, March 22, 2012

More Blooms

Peach Blossoms

Our two baby peach trees are blooming...they are to young to let the blooms go and see if they actually produce fruit, but I had to get some photos of them today anyway. I'll have to pull them off, if I get around to it cause the trees need to put their energy into growing roots, not growing fruit (from what I've heard).

Just had to share a photo of them though. The pear trees that were growing wild on the farm when we got it are blooming also. And I noticed the lilacs have little bud clusters on them.

The grass is really growing...hubby said he would probably have to cut it in the next week or so...that's a lot earlier than usual if I'm remembering right. Loving the green though! :-))

Ok, I'll shut up about spring now...least for today LOL Hope you are enjoying spring in your neck of the woods, although I know some of you have still been having some winter weather...gotta say...I'm glad we aren't! :-))


  1. Beautiful! There's just something about spring!

  2. Yayyyy!!! Just gorgeous! We are so loving it here - so much I just had to put the breaks on Hubs. He's needing to drill the corner posts to set the braces in. He made the mistake of mentioning driving the truck up to the back pasture and plugging the cord in from the ac/dc on the truck. Ummm... not happening. We've already got 2 batteries to replace this week. The Girls will just have to share their cords for about an hour. LOL

  3. What a lovely picture! One of our flowering cherry trees is blooming, but it's too wet to get a decent picture. We have had So. Much. Snow and rain lately! *sigh*


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